Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Letting go

The closing chapters of the story have begun. The story which started an odd 52 weeks ago. 

Inability to sleep made me advance my maternity leave by a week - not a big deal I could have trudged through 5 more working days - but then there are times when a single day makes all the difference. Spent a good half of my leaves re-decorating the house, and making crafty stuff. I had my bucket list of course. Then the stork came with the lil bundle of unfathomable happiness. Things were never to be the same again and how! 

Till 13 days back when mil came - and things changed again!  Being able to step out of the room without straining your ears for a cry , a whimper. Read a book for close to 30 mins without a care. I have time - to do stuff, without worrying about the kid. And it seems bizzare! Sinful even. Walking without a pram - how weird? Grocery shopping with K - huh - did we do such things? 

I can do whatever I want whenever I want  (nearly). Its a process of letting go - and it feels funny. The kid has taken wonderfully to her Paati (thats what Granny is called in Tamil). In 4 days time when I leave her for 7 hours, that would be a consolation. For now - these mock runs of being away from her are bitter-sweet to say the least. Having kids is truly 'having your hearts walk outside your body'. 


I'll try 2 be truthful said...

My mummy says the same thing :)

All the best for getting back :)

The Furobiker said...

you know, you should totally write a book

Amrita said...

Awwww that totally made my day!!!!!

NBose said...

I know how difficult it is....and you know kids adjust faster than us :)

I can relate as I am also searching job again and had already started sending my 20 month old daughter to daycare for 6-7 hrs. So, these days when I am not running for interviews , I feel the same funny emptiness as you mentioned. :)

Reflections said...

U r getting back to work huh.

I'm hoping [for u] that it will be easier than u think. And having ur mil taking care of Chiya is bonus isn't it:-)).

Take care.

Salomie said...

Wow, good luck with the transition period!

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