Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Immortals of Meluha

First things first - I HATED the book so much that I had to write a review. Now if you loved it, this post might not be your cup of tea.

The Shiva Trilogy has been hugely popular. I had to read it. I picked the book and was aghast at the writing style! It was just so crass. It was appalling. I had to literally steel myself to endure the torture. But I had picked the book and I had to read on.

The story has Shiva and a lot of mythological characters in real environment - more literally in the times of the  Indus Valley civilization. They have been fit into the ancient times rather than being something totally mythical. He has also drawn in some current happenings like terrorism, border issues and guerrilla warfare. The story is that of Shiva coming to terms with the greater goals he is meant to achieve and his journey towards them.

I could not stress more about the pathetic writing style. The author treats the reader to have the same IQ level as his - there are instances where he has described things which put you to sleep. Case in point - his description of Shiva taking the Nataraj pose. I was at sea as to what was he going on about. It was only when he said it was the Nataraj pose I was like Ooooohhhh!!!!! Case 2 in point - Shiva was served a dish made up of steamed batter of lentils. I would stop there. But the author chooses to name it - The dish is called idli. Dude! Did anybody ask you ? Leave something to the reader's imagination.  Let him draw the conclusion. That is the whole thrill of portions of book - open to interpretation. Case 3 in point - where he describes the Trishul. Was it me or did everybody sleep off? ( I know not everyone did else the book would not be a best seller :D ) 

I was geared for the 202 page ordeal (there has been no other book whose number of pages I  will never ever forget :P ) Somehow by the grace of Shiva , the book picked up a semblance of pace at page 105 ( see how diligently I was marking pages) Or on second thoughts, maybe like smoking cigarette with each word I was reading a couple of brain cells where committing suicide. The path from the halfway mark was not half as bad. I had totally decided once bitten twice shy. There was no way that

That seemed abrupt right? Exactly how the book ends. Which meanssssss....... I have to torment myself with Secret of Nagas and Oath  of Vayuputra. (Or whatever the names of the next books are!) Grrrrr......

In the name of the Holy Lake (that's how Shiva swears in the book) till my dying day I will never be able to fathom how this book has grossed so much! And I will never forgive myself for following the herd and starting this book. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


NBose said...

I like the candid review of this over-hyped book. I am so glad that I am not the only one with the same view about the book. Even I followed the herd but honestly when others kept on praising it I felt quite dumb :)
P.S: I generally follow your posts silently but cannot resist myself from commenting on this one :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

I have totally loved the book .

Do let me know how you find The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo .If our view differs in that also, then I will know that it truly differs :P

Amrita said...

I am loving the girl with dragon tattoo :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

yayiee I loved it too , after this you must read the two books which follow .
I bow down to lisbeth slander :D :D

The Furobiker said...

I started it, but could only read eleven pages before gifting it to someone else :P

Reflections said...

Heeeee....I havent read the book but totally enjoyed the review;-D.

....And here you go! said...

Glad to know that I'm not the only one wondering how the book became so immensely popular! And I share ur predicament, the book ended so abruptly that I had to read the next one to know the ending, and guess what, the next one ends the same way!
Only relief is, Book 2 is more fast paced, and imagining Hritik Roshan as the hero helped, trust me :)

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