Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wot say?

Some 30 mins back - a thought struck me. I was so proud of myself at having thought the thought. Here it goes -

If one is unaware of the magnitude of a burden, one has no qualms carrying it.

Awesome eh? Thank you thank you :)  (What you have read it somewhere? Huh! Move on)

Now how this divya gyaan? The story so far ...

I had to buy some onions. I can get it from the nearby super market which is 7 minutes away, but you get it cheaper in the local farmer's market which is 20 minutes away. Me being the 'normal - penny  - pinching  - co-care -  taker -  of  - the  - kitchen  - and  - the -  monthly  - budget ' choose to buy it from the farmer's market. Come what may. Today while returning from work, I made the trip to the market (though my heart wanted to run home and see the beatific face of my sleeping baby) Anyways, back to onions and the price one had to pay for them. I went to the shop and asked for a 'bag of onions'. He asked 'which one'. (Too many questions now.) (If we software professionals asked this many questions to clients, we would always deliver zero defect products.) I gave a cursory glance at the bags and saw 2 types of onions - one with red peel and one with pink. (Simple) I replied 'the pink ones' (If clients always answered questions like this there would never ever be zero defect products). The shopkeeper took the answer and gave me the bag. I started carrying it home. 

Another trivia about me - I have weak hands. As in I don't know why, my hands lack strength of any sort. Being a right-handed person, I in fact reserve it for  'only the most important tasks' - like writing and cutting vegetables. I use the mouse, brush my teeth, stir cooking with my left. I underestimated the weakness of my arms when I took the onus of carrying those onions home. I had barely walked 4 minutes, that the hand gave away. I still had some 16 more minutes of walk left. (Yes there are other pragmatic options people think of - catch a cab, board a bus - but then. OK another trivia about me. I am ridiculously obstinate when it comes to walking. I like it so much and live by it to the extent that I chose to walk no matter what. Even with an equally ridiculous bag of onions.)

So heaving the bag, huffing and panting I somehow reached home. It must have taken me 5 minutes extra. 

Mil saw the bag and said - oh so much!! I said, ' last time also we got this much'. She was like no  way! And now we decided to do the sensible thing - weigh it. It weighed 8 kilos! ( Does not seem that much? Go give it a shot then :P ) Last time we had got 4 kilos :) Now I realised when the shopkeeper asked 'which one' he meant 'size' wise. Me being me went with the color (silly me *blushes*)  

So where did the divya gyaan sprout from? Well last Saturday, when we were coming back from Chiyaa's swimming class when I also take a swim while she takes the class with Daddad,we had a heavy bag to carry. Mine and her wet swim wear and towels and what not. Mind you - I have  a pretty conservative swim wear which covers a lot - till my knees. Once its soaked in water it gets pretty heavy. So there I was complaining to K that the bag was too heavy and asking him to share the burden. It must have 2 kilos max. Today I carried 4 times the load - and not a word. Ergo - 

If one is unaware of the magnitude of a burden, one has no qualms carrying it.


I'll try 2 be truthful said...

1. Thought acha hai and u have also experienced it asli me :P
2. Even I bought a conservative swim suit and now I wonder why, because waise bhi body pani ke andar rehta hai :P
3.R u ambidextrous? waise to main janti thi that u r genius kind of kudi :)
4.Let me know how you like The White Tiger :)
and if you have also read the other book by the same author :)

The Furobiker said...

hehehe... satyavachan maate..

waise europe me paidal chalne me hi maza aata hai.. india aake man hi nahi karta walking walking ka

Ashma said...

Divya gyaan toe bahut hi zyaada divya hai... nice thought.. and i loved the post.. very well articulated!! :)

Amrita said...

1. Thank you hai jee
2. Yea even i think the same... but then i think the walk down the steps into the pool makes all the difference :)
3. no of course i am NOT. It is more of a survival thing. I would love to be one.. K is. :( Though he does nt admit :p
4. Review of safed sher coming up :P

Soma Pradhan said...

This one was funny.

Do u see Chidiya Ghar episodes in SAB.Every week they explain one hindi Proverb with a beautiful story.

I went into imgination where you were walking hand full of onions. Try writing story books for kids.

Amrita said...

Thanks a tonnnnnnnn Soma!! Havnt seen chidiya ghar though :)

Renu said...

Thought is very true....

How are you Amrita?

Amrita said...

Good Renu. How have you been? Long time..

Reflections said...

Good one that quote;-D

Hilarious post....I was grinning away as I saw myself here;-D

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