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weSurvive III

There is no better feeling than coming home. Cos of course - it is home. Coming back to your baby is even more splendid. I was warmed by the fact that she had been well behaved. She had her morning fruit ( I insist on one banana as the first thing in morning ) and brunch. She had napped on time, been cooperative during the oil massage and generally played well.
Day1 had actually gone well. 
Now we have a routine. I reach home while she is in the middle of her afternoon nap. It gives me just enough time to refresh and brew some coffee. Like clockwork, she wakes up and shares my snacks. It is such a joy to see her surprised mixed with happy face when she sees me :) I make her some fresh orange juice after which it is time for some rambunctious mother daughter gaming. We play catch, chase, football, hide and seek and many more. This is the time mil gets a breather to have her evening beverage and generally stretch her legs. Weather permitting I take her on a stroll for 45 minutes or so. El…