Thursday, July 25, 2013

Of course I am a bit nervous

Amma finishes her 6 month stint in UK tomorrow . She will be going back to India for a couple of weeks and be back for 6 more months after that . 

I am on leave in the meanwhile. And to be honest I am a little nervous about things. It's been 6 months and we have been a 3 member tag team in handling Chiyaa. It was weird to have help initially but with time it has become the norm. I handled all the house hold chores and Chiyaa s tasks with K's help in the first year. With Amma  I went back to work and things slowly started falling into place. The first 7 hours of the day I would be away from her . Amma would be totally involved in her care. Once back I would take over her care and we would synchronously finish cooking, the dishes , the clothes, grocery shopping etc etc etc. 

Chiyaa has grown in the span of mil's stay. She has started walking , been totally weaned, adjusting to a lot of 'grown up' food. She has started expressing emotions like anger, frustration, glee, sense of achievement. She had all these emotions earlier but now as she is becoming a 'little person' her expressions are becoming more vivid and  discernible . It will be a bit over whelming for me to handle all of them on a day. 

As I gear up for these next two weeks I cannot help but reminisce about the blitz of last year. Handling a new born just by ourselves . Those cold dark days of constant struggle, the seeping of strength and confidence, the slow ventures to the outside world which lead to full blown outings and trips with the lil one, my battle with my bulge and finally reaching there. Those truly exhausting days when there was no succor, those made awesome by the mere return of K early from work, those swimming lessons when everything seemed so new and those transitions where everything was so flabbergasting. From tomorrow I shall have a new game plan. Maybe lots more time to read and catch up with my hobbies. Maybe lots more outings and trips to the parks. Maybe a rehash with my routine in sync with Chiyaa's (up when she's up and zzzzz when she hits the bed) .

I also think what if Chiyaa misses her paati a lot. I know being with me full time will be different experience for her. I hope she gets used to it. I have taken tips of the trade from Amma regarding her morning pattern (I know I miss a bit when I am at work, yea many times miss a lot :( But then somethings gotta give :) )

Things will be different , a lot will be happening . Lets wait and watch :)

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