Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Boo boo again

I realise my last post was due day before yesterday. My mistake may be excused in the light of the event that I was to get back to work after 2 weeks and 2 days. 

The morning looked promising with yours truly being able to wake up before the alarm went off . It was an incredible feat in itself. Though that was the end of the good part. I was totally bleary eyed at work . It was very daunting to keep my eyes open. The developments over 2 weeks seemed more phenomenal than those over my year's maternity leave. Team members I was  comfortable with had tendered their resignations. There was some changes on the applications landscape. Maybe after a year I was prepared got a lot of changes hence they did not matter much. But I was off for only a couple of weeks out of which most of the days I was in town. It seemed a bit excessive to have upheavals at the end of it. Anyways that is all part of a day's work. 

The good part was yet to come.When I reached home Chiyaa was elated to see me. She came running and hugged me and started jumping :) I was filled with boundless joy. You can be so important to a little one! Seriously.Who cares about bank balance or promotions or what ever label the world tries to weigh you by? A little kid's love is enough to make all wrongs right.

K popped over since work was a bit light for him. Being his typical self, he suggested a plan for going to Chennai Express. Mil and I were a bit skeptical. Our last movie experience with Chiyaa was not so cool. We had gone for the Superman movie and she was a proper nightingale. One hour into the movie we had to make our way home . We were not sure how she would react to another theatre experience . We decided to take a call depending on how she took her dinner. She seemed fine after dinner and we opted taking our chances. K offered that he would take care of her outside in case she became unmanageable . We were like neki aur pooch pooch? 

I am a TOTAL SRK fan. To top it I am a Rohit Shetty fan as well. I lovedddddd the movie. I was literally rolling on the floor laughing in the first. What a re-invention of SRK. He was spoofing himself . He did not seem ill at ease at all(which he seemed in the last couple of movies) He also did some good ol dhishoom dhishoom which reminded me of the SRK of Darr and Anjaam. Boy was the movie a lot of fun. K and mil also enjoyed it. The icing on the cake was chiyaa watched very calmly for 1.25 hours. And then drifted off to peaceful sleep. Another SRK fan in the making??? Hmmmm maybe :)

Day1 at work after vacatin done and day 15 of the mini blog-athon done :) au revoir :)


Shallu Goyal said...

hehehe...i too liked the movie a was a total masala movie with a nice sense of humour..:PP Welcome to the ofc life once again dearie..hope u conquer the twists n turns a way SRK conquered Tingu (Tangaballi) in the end :))

Deeps said...

Been hearing such erratic reviews of chennai express that I can't decide whether to watch or no! Now your review makes ne want to :), though I am not a fan of srk's acting, I love Rohit shetty's flicks.

And chiyaa sat through the film? Yayyyyyyy! Chalo next one Krissh3 then! :D

Amrita said...

Dekho Deeps romba rapchik movie hoti :)

and I should not get too optimistic :) next SRK movie nexttime

Renu said...

This is the movie for SRK fans only, and since I am not I decided to skip it:)

Reflections said...

I'm not an SRK fan but I kinda enjoyed the movie u said he seemed to have a ball spoofing himself:-D. And most noteworthy is tht it was a clean movie which i was comfortable watching with my kids...a rarity nowadays;-(

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