Friday, August 9, 2013

The trip is over already

It is unbelievable how quickly vacations get over. I had a whole lot of things planned - nothing phenomenal just the usual list of chores to be done properly. Utilize the 'sale' season and get some new clothes for Chiyaa, wash and iron K's work clothes (properly ;) ), get the fridge re-stocked, try some new recipes (Chinese and a little bit of baking), rest a bit, read a lot and of course take those long walks with Chiyaa. I even had a list stuck to the refrigerator. 

The first half of the time was taken up in preparing for the trip  to Paris. The second half has been taken up in getting recuperating from the trip. In the middle sits The Blur. A whirlwind trip. 

Like with any trip, the end always fills one up with nostalgia. There are so many pictures to be uploaded, comments on the pictures fly back and forth, memories are shared, and exclusively in my case blog posts are written. I end up reliving the entire trip again and again. The first Monday after the trip, K had to head back to work. I did feel very sorry for him. Even though I was to be busy with the kid, I would not have deadlines and schedules and meetings and propriety  to maintain. That in itself was relaxing. In spite of having the grind of work, K missed us a lot. He could help come home for a sneak peak at the kid. 

The cleaning and unpacking and the baby kept me busy. I could help miss K. Having him all  the time for the past 3 days had made me so used to him. I wished he would come back from work soon. As luck would have it, the backlogs at work delayed him. Once he was back, we savoured some home made chaat, hooked on to some random tv show and watched some random shows. Chiyaa was dead tired and slept like a little kumbhakaran  ;) 

I did manage to bake a banana walnut cake too:) 


Reflections said...

U went to PARIS....where r the details?????

And the cake looks gorgeous...just looking at it, I can smell the banana and walnut from here:-))

Amrita said...

Peeche peeche padho Nancy :P

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