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Why do people do that

I cannot fathom for the love of god how can people walk and read ! I know some people are very adept at multi tasking (though there is credible proof to the fact that human beings actually 'cannot ' multi task. We can only move from one task to another. Some can do it real fast giving the semblance of multi tasking ) 
Walking and reading takes it to a whole new level though. The pair of eyes are supposed to guide one on the road. If they are engrossed in reading - hmm - how do you walk in the right pace ? That's why I have seen such people being a major stumbling block for pedestrian traffic . They amble at their own leisurely pace forcing those behind them to reduce momentum. Or if they walk at a normal rate I cannot imagine how can they savour the delights of the book. Are they not neglecting some brilliant pieces by the author when they are concentrating on manoeuvring the road ? What is the need to read and walk? More importantly is it possible to do them both together …

The joy luck club

Ever since I read The Kitchen God's Wife by Amy Tan I wanted to gobble up all her books . She writes about her homeland China  with a love and nostalgia that is heart tugging. 
The joy luck club is her most famous book. It is a book which is for all mothers and daughters. (So says the advertising :)  ) My maternal granny has  3 daughters, my mom has 2 and I have 1. So this book was literally a must read for me. 
The book is about 4 mothers and their daughters . The paraphrase at the end of the book says that it like wind blowing from any of the four directions and the reader has to fathom where it is coming from. The story switches between the 4 daughters and their mothers. They all narrate it in first person so it gets really confusing as to who is who. Well it's fashionable to confuse maybe. Which reminds me of a short piece of fiction I wrote *ahem ahem* . It was nothing to be proud of at all. The feedback I got from the people I sent it across to was that it was confusing be…

Satisfying Saturday

Cooked a scrumptious lunch which wowed K :)Went for a swim after a long timeTook a long walk after that with K and the lil one (could not feel my legs after it though :( too much cardio in a day - not cool )Managed to watch The Karate Kid since our kid drifted off to sleep (Jaden Smith is sooooooo cuteeee!)

Fab Friday

Taking a cue from last blog -Athon the four amazing things of a day :)
A bright sun was with us for the whole day The little bank errand ended up being a long exuberant stroll which lasted 2 hoursWhile listening to a street performer the kid ate a banana and boy was I happy! ( I am really paranoid about making her eat at least a fruit a day. Some days ate good some days very bad)Had pizza for dinner!!! Woo hoo!

Totally self inflicted

Now I am no AB that people hang on to every word I say or every post I write (come to think about it my initials are also AB :D but the similarities end exactly there :)) ) But I am going to do something again that I tried last year - hmm well a blog-athon. Though this time let me go for the mini version for 15 days .
I am going to include yesterday 's post in this event. I know technically its cheating but in my defense the idea struck me after I had hit publish :P 
Anyhow :) Amma started back to India yesterday. Since we were booking a cab to and fro the airport (which is in another city) we decided to take Chiyaa along. Boy was she happy! She loved the long car ride inspite of waking at the unearthly hour of 0430 in the morning. She liked the bright lights, the big luggages, people and the general din of the airport. We dropped Amma and headed home. Ironically K was the most beat. He was'dead tired ' and needed to hit the bed immediately!!!!!!!!!! :O men and their aaraam …

Of course I am a bit nervous

Amma finishes her 6 month stint in UK tomorrow . She will be going back to India for a couple of weeks and be back for 6 more months after that . 
I am on leave in the meanwhile. And to be honest I am a little nervous about things. It's been 6 months and we have been a 3 member tag team in handling Chiyaa. It was weird to have help initially but with time it has become the norm. I handled all the house hold chores and Chiyaa s tasks with K's help in the first year. With Amma  I went back to work and things slowly started falling into place. The first 7 hours of the day I would be away from her . Amma would be totally involved in her care. Once back I would take over her care and we would synchronously finish cooking, the dishes , the clothes, grocery shopping etc etc etc. 
Chiyaa has grown in the span of mil's stay. She has started walking , been totally weaned, adjusting to a lot of 'grown up' food. She has started expressing emotions like anger, frustration, glee, …

The ultimate hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy

Now before I start talking business some general updates :)  The kid does not let me go close to any electronic device- laptops , smart phones ,even epilators and hair dryers are out of bounds . Hence I am slack in blogging and am a bit on and off  social networking ( which I must confess I am quite liking- really better than being constantly hooked on to fb. The phone does feel lighter ever since I uninstalled the app. Yes I uninstall apps I don't use much hence goodbye fb app) 
Work had been crazy busy for a month with me clocking literally full days(I need not since I work part time) Things do look a bit better on that front as well(touch wood). I was rewarded with an extra day of holiday which I feel is awesome . You see I loveeeeee not going to work :)
Now before I keep on drifting back to the book -  the ultimate guide to survive the galaxy . I had this book on my radar ever since I heard about it which was some 3 years back ( maybe before that I was living in the Congo basin) …

Before I turn into Ekta Kapoor

I thought I would end my passport saga in 2 parts. But there has been no end even in part 3. Hopefully before I turn into a veritable EK who drags her stories on and on and on let me bring this story to a close( or will I ?) 
When we were dismissed from counter7 with the much needed information we trudged to the bus station. We had close to 2 hours before our return. We decided to grab some grub. We missed our cutie in every toddler we saw . We were all ooing and aahing seeing the activities of any child from 0-60 months :) yea schmaltz . We were having our very first trip without the munchkin  ( not a fun trip I agree) (thinking of which the two of us had never ever gone without the kid anywhere )And here we were missing her. 
The return bus journey was 4.5 hours long (yawwwwwwwwwn) my company of   books saved the day again . We returned home dead tired and had the lil one waiting on us. She had been walking around the house searching for us in the evening. She is used to me being back…