Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Season of sickness

Its all haywire. The day just zips through and all I am left with is a sense of non-achievement. (Is that even a word? )

The little birdie has been unwell for like forever. Her body is ravaged by coughs. Last weekend she had a raging fever to top it and spent the whole night clinging to me and whining. It broke my heart to see her like this. Doctors advised us to let her immunity do the fighting, but then when things went from weeks to months, they put her on antibiotics. She is on a slow path to recovery. A very very slow path I should say.

To make matters worse, K too caught a flamboyant throat infection. He lost his voice. His coughs made him sick. And  when he needed it most, rest was ever elusive. Deadlines started baring their ugly fangs and he had to stretch at work.

Where did that leave me? Tired, stressed and very worried. I was scuttling providing massages of menthol balms, hot drinks and all tender loving care I could to both of them. But the absolutely relentless viruses were winning hands down. I tried making this dish and that, but with all her sense of taste gone, Chiyaa would not have a morsel. The weakness was too blatant in her body. I wish this madness to be over soon.

Well the eternal optimist seems to have been demolished. Do I see a sliver of hope in all this? Chiyaa has been slowly but steadily getting acclimatized to day care. Touchwood. (I am literally having both my hands on the wooden table). We had a lot of trepidation regarding her going back to day care after the Christmas break. But there was no going back. We had no options. The only way was forward. This time, it was the master mind K who said the words that made mountains move. Quote ‘Sometimes the way to learn swimming is to jump in the deep end’.  *Applause* We had no other go, I had to keep working and she had to go to day care and get on with it. She cries when she leaves me, but then its little notes like these which bring a smile on my face. 

She may hate me when she grows up but sending her to day-care would not be the reasons.(I hope).


Renu said...

How are you all? My grand child was also suffering from high fever for last 10 days and I was cursing their medical system:)

Amrita said...

Renu - we are ok :) shes still recuperating. K is a bit better. How is ur grandson? what is wrong with their medical system? they are not giving appointments?

deeps said...

the good thing is seasons change :)

Soma Pradhan said...

aaww. hope Chiyaa and your hubby are feeling good now.Take care of yourself to take care of them !!

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