Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Would you hire me?

Recently I attended a job interview.This is how it went....

Interviewer - Bla di bla di bla tra la la la la la oompa loompa doom-pa-dee doo
Cherrie - (thinks When will this company history get over)

Interviewer - me through your career since you left education.
Cherrie - I started my career with company 1. I worked in the retail and hospitality domain for a US client. Was involved in web development and database development. Then I left company 1 to join company 2.

Interviewer - Why did you leave company 1?
Cherrie - The domain did not make much sense to me. I feel one needs to know the business to be able to code well. But I was lost with what is the difference between a condo and an apartment.

Interviewer - What is the difference between a condo and an apartment ?
Cherrie - I don't know and never understood .

Interviewer - Stupid Americans and their terms. Both are places to  live 
Cherrie - Exactly. So in company 2 I was in the financial services domain and worked on a voluntary rewards application for my client . Then I left it to join company 3 for personal reasons. Then in 2010 we moved to the UK and I joined company 4.

Interviewer -Why did you move to the UK?
Cherrie -My husband came here and I followed him (thinks tongue showing smiley :P)

Interviewer - So if I asked your current employer to describe you in 3 words what would he say?
Cherrie- Hmmmmmm (for 20 seconds) well...(for 10 seconds) I think he would call me a team player.

Interviewer - Thats 2 words
Cherrie - Hmm okay

Interviewer - Ok I give it to you, 2 more words.
Cherrie - Has good object oriented concepts and good business knowledge

Interviewer - (smiles) 
Cherrie - (smiles)

Interviewer - If I asked the same question to your husband what would he say?
Cherrie - Hmmm.. (60 seconds) (Thinks What the.... Starts day dreaming about K ;)  )

Interviewer - You have to be quick.
Cherrie -  Hmmm..he calls me assertive.(Pauses for close to a minute)

Interviewer -  You have to be quick you know.
Cherrie - He calls me a good cook and also a travel agent since I research holiday plans.

Interviewer - So he eats what he is given and goes where he is told.
Cherrie - He definitely does NOT eat what he is given and seldom goes where he is told. ( Where the hell did that come from? ) 

Interviewer - So define how your worst day would be? A day from hell.
Cherrie - Am I in office? 

Interviewer - Maybe.
Cherrie - First up I am late to work and my mild OCD kicks in and I start thinking how other things are going haywire because I am behind schedule as per my personal timescales. Then there is some network and firewall issues. I have no clue about them since I am a mere programmer but I have to coordinate with networking and security teams. I am answerable but situations are not under my control.That is the day from hell.

Interviewer - At the end of such a day how do you unwind?
Cherrie - I walk from work to home. I hear music at a volume which could turn me deaf. Thats my unwind mechanism. 

Interviewer - And if it the best day?
Cherrie - I am on time :) There is an appreciation email from someone. Something I have been researching or trying starts to work. And people don't  bother me.

Interviewer - (Emphatically writes down something and says 'don't bother' I think that is what he writes down)

Interviewer - Where do  you see yourself 5 years from now ?
Cherrie - There is the idealistic plan and the realistic plan. In an ideal world I would love to do an MBA. I know friends who have done it and they are changed individuals. 

Interviewer - The change is called confidence. 
Cherrie - Maybe. The realistic plan is I would still be coding and hopefully knowing much more than I currently do.

Interviewer - Hm.. so  do you have any questions for me? 
Cherrie - (Thinks no let me go my kid is waiting) None that I can think of now.

Some usual exchange of pleasantries and the interview ends.

So would you hire me?


Renu said...

I got to know ehat they ask in interviews..given to me I will always hire you:)

Ashma said...

I would for your honesty. Dont like the usual mugged up'correct' things ppl say. The miss world answers 😃

Amrita Roy said...

I loved your answers, the interviewer,not.

Soma Pradhan said...

I think you should search for a publisher instead to change your career and become a writer. No blog keeps me glued till the end unlike yours.

Amrita said...

Soma you are super duper generous. :)

Jack said...


Visiting after a long long time. Hope all is well and no more coughs or bad throats. Enjoyed reading the reminder lists. One has to let children mix with age group and best way is day care before schooling. If I had my way I would have hired you without any delay.

Take care

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