My cruel husband

K and I took the stairs to get to the second floor. I must confess that I am a bit out of  shape and was breathless as a result of the climb. 

K looks back at me and chuckles and says ' you look like Kung fu Panda!' 

Kind words indeed :((((((((((


Renu said…
When I saw the heading , I knew it must be a sarcastic post:)
Amrita said…
Hehe yeah predictable me 😉
Soma Pradhan said…
Oh I get those comments almost regularly. The one I will never forget..
One day we were driving back home and I saw an elephant on the road. I said-- "Oh I am seeing an elephant after a long time" & He says - But I see one everyday :P
Amrita said…
Haha tell him no gourmet dinner tonight
Ashma said…
Hehe... U do look like one from the latest pic that i saw.. 😜
Amrita said…
Yes I am technically a celebrity ;)
Shallu Goyal said…
hehehehhehe...During the recent India trip...D came to moms place to take me n Kanav to Surat...the first thing he said after seeing me for almost 2 weeks was " arree!! u have become Ganpati Bappa Morya"....:)) i didnt know if to be happy to see him or yell at him for the comment..:PPPP

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