Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The journey starts

Well India happened two weeks back and till now I can say I am lovinggggggggg it. I had a lot of doubts and reservations about the trip but by God's grace none of them have turned out to be true.

Our tickets were booked from Leeds  so we had to make a trip from Ipswich to Leeds. The morning of the journey Chiyaa kept thinking we were going back to Leeds for good. She was  worried that all her toys were  being left behind. She even started dismantling her kitchen set to take back. The innocence kids have is just so so precious. My heart  went out for my little girl. 

The journey to Leeds involved a change of train. As we were in the waiting room for the transfer , we thought Pumki  needed a nappy change. There was no changing place nearby on the platform. We had to do it  in the room. But there was a lady having her lunch. We thought we should let her finish eating. I am not sure how she understood us, but she said ' if you need to change please go ahead. I have three sons and will be a grandmother today or tomorrow. And I was a carer for disabled children so I have seen it all.' We were touched by her warm gesture. I asked details about her soon to be grandchild. It was to be a surprise and her first grandchild. Her daughter in law was 12 days overdue and was being induced since the  previous day. If things did not progress over the day she would be operated the next day. It seemed like something so close to my recent experience. I wished the lady luck. I wish I could know what she had, when, how.... I guess some things are meant to be left unanswered.

We reached Leeds and checked into a hotel. Since it was not our home in Leeds Chiyaa kept asking if it was a different Leeds. We somehow reasoned that it was the same place but a different accommodation :)

The next day we had been invited by my college mate to have breakfast, lunch and dinner at her place ;) It was a simply brilliant day where we hung around and chatted and enjoyed some sumptuous food. The time just flew past and the children played a lot too. It was really kind of her to host us. Evening it was shut eye time as soon as possible. We had a really early start at three in the morning. 

A longggggg journey awaited us.....

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