Monday, January 9, 2017

Planning and then some

I had a plan in place. Since I was joining after a year, my manager recommended that I be at Leeds for two consecutive days. Work started on Tuesday. I planned to be in Leeds on Monday evening, put up with a college mate and come back on Wednesday. 

Amma and K were confident of taking care of the two kitties while I was away. I on the contrary had my utmost reservations. I don't know why people don't listen to me the first time *rolls eyes* I kept hollering that day times are different but the nights would be daunting. But no one else heeded. Till it was Saturday and seeing how the kids were, we started brain storming. I stood corrected in fact - they were two clingy babies.

One option was the entire battalion bar K travels to Leeds, puts up in a hotel. They could go to my college mate's house, but I did not want to inconvenience her by making everyone stay there. This came with the quandary of how was Amma supposed to keep them entertained in a closed hotel room. And in case of an emergency she would  not be able to reach out to anyone - I would be  busy the first couple of days. 

The other option was K taking the couple of days off. But that still left the night time open for any emergency by the kids. 

K gingerly suggested that I travel back and forth both the days. It would be taxing for me given one way was a four hours long journey. But then it seemed like the most conducive plan. Though with the travel being a mere two days away, the ticket prices were exponential. Well... as they say anything for man ki shanti. 

Being a nervous traveller, I 'tried' to plan my first day to work as much as possible. I collected the tickets before hand, I ironed and even wore my work clothes so that I am not disappointed to see the outcome on the day ( given that I would be getting dressed in the dark around 5 in the morning) and kept my food all packed ( Yeah I don't like eating outside). 

First day was just a day away.  

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