Thursday, March 13, 2008

Will miss you...

This is the last post from this lovely city .
Every time I think about leaving Hyderabad in a few days I get the shivers. And today morning the feeling was especially strong. I some how did not want to go away from here.
But some things should be done and there is no option.
But before I move this post goes out to all the wonderful people who made my stay all the more pleasing, fulfilling and enriching.

Sw :- My old room mate from Calcutta and close friend, never thought I would get a chance to meet her up for such a long time. But then, some things are destined. She has been the companion for innumerable shop-capades and general loitering around the city. Being well versed in the ins and outs of the city, shes been lovely company through and through. On top of that, shes been a counselor in times of need. A true friend whom I call hunny.

Sh :- Roomie dear. Fellow Sagi. Awesome company for any fun filled activity. Agony aunt in case you need solace. Companion for the morning walks. Some one whom I had an instant connection with.

Su :- First friend at my current firm. Little did I know this nonchalant guy sitting next to me during the initial induction sessions would turn out to be a close friend in a such a short period of time. He has always been there as a concerned friend in the office full of colleagues.

H :- Lunch mate with a child like disposition. Shes a kid at heart who has been crest fallen ever since I took the leave for my wedding. Shes reiterated it n+1 number of times that she is going to miss me like hell.

A :- My flat mate. Incessant talker. Can go on and on talking that I have to tell her to keep quiet and go to sleep please. Yesterday also it was till late night that we were chatting with each other till pretty late at night. Argumentative to the core I have had some rather entertaining sessions with her.

G :- G the dino. Friend of K who in turn became a good friend of mine. We have a silent competition as to who comes first in wishing the other over Gtalk. May be the first geek with whom I don t mind having coffee with :D

Ne/J/M :- Partners in crime when it comes to jumping over the tracks to catch the train from office. Ne is the silent devil. From the outside no one can fathom his mischievous self. But talk to him and mischief drips from his seemingly innocuous jokes and satires. J is the Josh machine, another non stop talker who beats A hands down when it comes to talking. M is the on track queen who has a never give up attitude when it comes to chasing the trains.

P :- My mentee from the the school where I go for the mentorship program from my firm every Saturday. I am going to miss her a lot.

Ma :- Silent sensitive guy from the mentorship program who used to drop me off from the school at home. Always full of nice practical suggestions and a person with whom its very easy to converse. Somehow seems a store house of practical information to me.

Ni :- The lead of the mentorship program. Eternal nag. Very persistent. And a person committed to the core.

All these wonderful people and many many more made my stay here brilliant. I guess God wanted this stay to be short and sweet. As I get jitters about my new life in Chennai, I hope I meet you people soon and keep bumping into you all again and again. And also that I get such wonderful people in future too.


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

I can totally relate to this... leaving the place you have countless memories and attachments with is really hard. I have been through it and I still miss my city.
But, it will get better. It got better for me... it just take times.
Good luck!
Cheers! :-)

Jyoti said...

i can feel the intensity of the feelings, you have described in this post.


Amrita said...

@Raaji : Yea i bliv change is always for the better.. mebbe cos of the eternal optimist tht i am.... But as u said... it takes time....
@Jyoti : Thanks a lot

Abhishek Khanna said...

kaha chali??
waise mee too an analyst :D

Amrita said...

Chennai abhi..
and designation change ho gaya abhi nai cpy main :)

niranjan said...

u wrote dis b4 de gift...:P
pehle if i wld hav chkd..bada gift deta na..:D

hey Amrita...Mentorship team will miss u re

Amrita said...

@Niranjan : Of course wrote this bfore the gift.. I wrote it on thurs and u gave the gift on fri :P

Abhishek Khanna said...

to finally ek hi shahar pahunch gaye ;)


(btw abhi shaadi ki treat baaki hai)

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