Daag acche hain

Yesterday was a funny day. It started with a big quarrel with K and that too for a petty reason. The reason being - my cell phone had gone kaput!

My Sony Ericsson W580i had been giving me lot of troubles. It used to hang intermittently, mostly when I needed it most :| - so much so that many a times I had to remove the battery to re start it. Removing the battery itself was a tedious task and a separate story in itself. Sometimes removing the battery and re inserting it would not work, and we had to take it to some store for repair. Some pricks and pokes by the mechanic, and it used to come back to its senses. As I am writing this, I remember, the very first day I carried the phone, it got stuck by the time I reached office! After some months it had stopped charging from the ac charger. Well, not a problem, I used to get it charged from the USB charger - a process that used to take 10 times more time than a standard ac charger. But me being lazy and the cell phone being pretty much indispensable, decided to go ahead with the arrangement.

But................ yesterday the cell chose not to get charged from the USB point. It in fact decided to get discharged when connected to the USB port! ARGH!!

I lost my cool and was fretting and fuming about loosing my communication channel. Since the phone was a recommendation of K, he took it personally that I was indirectly blaming him for all the inconvenience. This lead to a war of words, some hurtful some sarcastic.
We started for office after the peace resolution was passed.

But then, the whole incident had kinda bummed us out a bit.
Evening coincidentally, we were able to meet up at a common point. And guess what, K had got paan for me - something which I have a weakness for :) And as we were walking to our home, K said shall we have dinner there? And by there he meant a street side place which served noodles and other dishes which could be made in a jiffy. We were an oddity there, in our formals and office luggage, and sitting on run down plastic chairs with most of the other clientele being there for the pricing of the food ( which is very pleasing to the wallet ) was a good experience. It was an impromptu plan for us and the food there turned out to be too palatable. It was a treat worth having.

After savoring egg fried rice, cauliflower manchurian and one plate of scrambled eggs, we marched forth home. Thats when K gave me the choc he had bought. :D A walk through the streets of Besant Nagar while munching on a choc - Awesome is the word for it.

Sometimes if minor tiffs end up in such superb evenings - I think its worth the pain. You see Daag acche hain!

PS : This post was meant to be posted on the Thursday - the 4th of Decemeber. But work at office held me back. So yesterday in this post refers to 03.12.2008
Recent update - I have given my cell phone for repair, I miss it tremendously :( Am using a Nokia oldie model and that in turn makes me realise how used to I was to the facilities of the other phone: seems water had gone inside the charging pin and I will hopefully be getting it tomorrow.


Renu said…
I loved this ad:) and so the post:)
you are so lucky to have such a sweet husband like "K", see he gets you choco and other goodies to eat after a brief tiff in the morning, that too for something he is not at all responsible.

Hmmm, Satish needs to be very cautious in selecting his Miss Perfect, coz I doubt I will do all these if my fault is none for that tiff :))))
Shylu said…
The 'ad' is one of my favorite too..didn't really know about the trouble you were having with the phone...u never complained!!! :-)
Born Vagabond said…
Lovely post....luvd reading it!!
Amrita said…
@Renu - Happens to be one of my favies too
@Satish - Marriages are made in heaven.... and u get what u give...u give the person his share of care comfort and attention - you are bound to receive.. and another golden rule in tiffs for wedlock.. its usu no ones fault... each one kinda has a 50-50 share.. and if u read the post carefully, i never blamed K for the prb.. he thot i was... his perception was at fault...
and if u take care to make amends only if the "fault" was urs - boy satish u gonna have some issues with ur missus... take ownership of every issue that creeps up - cos its ur marriage too, not only hers.. i hope tht was a biggie lecture :) take it in a gud spirit
@Shylu - well, i never cling to -ve things so in the short meets we have whats the point in cribbing cribbing cribbing - we already hav enuff worries dont we?
Born Vagabond - Thanks for stopping by :)
Renu said…
BTW i loved ur views on marriage in comments, u r right, taking responsibility for ur fault is not doing something big..thats the least u can do,owning up for everything is the generosity marriage required.....urs is a very sound head on young shoulders:)
Amrita said…
@Renu - Wow.. those words from you, whose seen nearly everything a married life has to show - means a lot to me certainly.
Shalom said…
You know my dad is like that....he always takes it personally if something that he buys/recommends doesn't work.

And I love this ad.....the lil boy has acted so adorably in it!!!
ShantanuDas said…
Blogs are wonderful I think.. it does give so much oppporunity to so many people to give vent to their creative minds.. earlier only personal diaries were available..but blogs have made people open themselves to the world.. I read your posts just now, and so many like yours earlier... suddenly this realisation struck me that.. so many of us when we are young have so much thoughts that we would like to share....

Of course most of the times thoughts dry out when we grow older... like once I too use to write much.. but I came to blogs quite late and so after a few online thought sharing I stopped.. and now out of my 5 blogs only my photoblog remains... i do not post anything much on the others..

It is nice to see others like you writing..
Amrita said…
@Shalom - i think all men are similar at some level :)
@Shantanu - thanks for vising ... will stop by ur blog soon....
ShantanuDas said…
hey!! Good that I now know what women think of men..

I will now recommend anything to my wife or daughter.. hehehe!!

[Of course I have not had the bad luck of choosing the wrong things so far and frankly after seeing so many different Products and service providers (we buy products and also services both either separately or together) I have come to the conclusion that nobody is faultless.. it is our bad luck if we land up with something that does not work.. and I include even the Japanese who are world leaders in TQM and zero defect and all the fads...

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