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Lately I have been at my lethargic best. I had a post called Keeping busy.
Now I should have titled this post as Being Lazy - but then I try to avoid a pattern, hence this title.
I have ABSOLUTELY no work in office and thanks to the lenient policies of my company, I am always available on all the messengers. I keep reading a lot, but then again, I am not much into the online reading - so I don't savor the reading so much :(
And since I don't have much work, I am game for accompanying any co-worker for tea, coffee, snacks as many times as I am called. Seeing this trend, I have not stepped on the weighing machine for quite some time. I am also all smiles when I get an offer to escort some one to get couriers done, print outs taken, withdrawing money from the ATM and sundry tasks. Some how, strangely, the less I work, the more tired I feel.
There was a time when I used to be up at 6:30, go for the swim, come back, sit for a quick breakfast with the newspaper, then rush to office. O…

V Day

He: Hey I got the cake. It was good. But the one sent by your friend for our wedding was better.
She: Oh! It costed double the amount but was nt that good. Thats bad.
He: Anyways. I liked this cake too.
She:Btw H was telling me to book the cake from Country Oven itself. I only got it done from the online site. Guess I should have gone and booked it at the bakery only.
He: Who H?
She: (Sullen tone) H my friend who sent us the cake on wedding day.
He:Errrr... Who?
She:My colleague. With whom I go for lunch every day.
He: Oh! She! Ok. Ok.
She: Hmm...
He: Anything wrong?
She: No nothing
He:Come on. Tell me.
She: Hmm no nothing s wrong. Just having a small headache.
He: Something is bothering you. Tell me. You expect me to ask 10 times before you tell me?
She: See you don t even remember her name. She takes all the pain to send us a beautiful cake for our wedding and you don t even remember her name!
He: Who? Oh H!?
PAIN! I can t understand what pain she undertook to get the cake ordered. Did she get hurt …

Changes - If any

The question I am constantly asked after marriage is - Has life changed after marriage? And how?
This weekend K had come over to my city.
And I could not help thinking of the past instances when we had made trips to visit each other.
The first had been made by K in 2006 after 1 year of our consenting to the relationship. We had nt seen each other for a pretty long time and were very eager for the first tryst with "being together". I had planned his entire 4 day stay at Kolkatta, out of which 2 days my parents were to be in town to meet us.
The flight which K had to take from Chennai to Kolkatta turned out to be a good 2 hours late. And the whole time I was at my impatient and anxious best at the airport. When he finally landed, there was a weird awkwardness in both of us. I could see him from the reception lounge, taking hurried steps with a huge suitcase in tow. When he came up to me, we were initially feeling a bit weird to even hold hands. We walked to the parking lot with th…

Married and back

I was off from blogging for a good three weeks. And I have spent the last 3 hours reading blogs. And boy! Aint I tired. And I am itching to write my own.The three week long vacation for my wedding went at its own pace, and had me traveling a lot.The D day passed. And before I knew it it was all over.We had our share of miscalculations and goof ups in the arrangements. But what I remember more of the whole affair is the small small arrangements that mom sis and I had to make in the last week to the D day.I had to visit loads of relatives, do quite a lot of last minute shopping, make arrangements for pick ups drops etc.Now that its all over, I miss the run up. I vividly remember, the hectic and near lunatic shopping we did. We had started shopping some 4 months prior to wedding still we had so many last minute purchases. We used to be for solid 7-8 hours on our feet going from one shop to the other and making the purchases. The long drawn discussions with all the relatives being roped i…