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Newbie's experiences

Been 7 and a half years since I left home. Since then have been a hostel boarder or put up in apartments with friends.
I moved to Chennai to be with my husband and family. I have not got that solid family feeling. But thats what is technically correct I believe.
Its not a major change. I know the people. I know the person I am married to. They are a pretty chilled out gang. No overt restrictions.
But still then I feel like a guest. I feel a bit hesitant calling over a friend to stay at my place, because I myself don't have the settled feeling yet. And all the while that I am having at idyllic time at home (I am yet to join my new office) I keep getting seconds thoughts. I keep wondering is it too early to get into family mode? Did I hurry into the decision of getting back to family? I was blissfully with out any responsibility and having fun with friends. I could have continued having those times still. But when I ask any one they say, whats the point in delaying the ultimate? You …

Will miss you...

This is the last post from this lovely city .
Every time I think about leaving Hyderabad in a few days I get the shivers. And today morning the feeling was especially strong. I some how did not want to go away from here.
But some things should be done and there is no option.
But before I move this post goes out to all the wonderful people who made my stay all the more pleasing, fulfilling and enriching.

Sw :- My old room mate from Calcutta and close friend, never thought I would get a chance to meet her up for such a long time. But then, some things are destined. She has been the companion for innumerable shop-capades and general loitering around the city. Being well versed in the ins and outs of the city, shes been lovely company through and through. On top of that, shes been a counselor in times of need. A true friend whom I call hunny.

Sh :- Roomie dear. Fellow Sagi. Awesome company for any fun filled activity. Agony aunt in case you need solace. Companion for the morning walks. Some on…

Knot to be

I am writing this post on behalf of a very lazy friend of mine whose out groom hunting :)

Shes my alter ego and we often have this tag between us that we don t need to talk cos our thoughts are just mirror images :)

Now her parents are looking for alliances and after every session with a prospective groom she is sure to have a session with me, discussing what were the good, bad, ugly, immaterial aspects of the person whom she met.

She expects some one who would have all her good traits and negate all her bad ones (Perfect is boring but who would not want to have a try at some one perfect ) So she wants some one who reads, is intellectual at the same time game for a dash of fun once in a while, a sport when it comes to outdoor as well as indoor activities, not lazy, is frank, superior to her in terms of educational qualification and monthly income,etc etc.. Apart from these tangibles, she also wants some one with whom she feels an instant connection, feels mutual respect, some one who ha…