Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Unveiling me :)

Tagged by Shalom :) A welcome break because I was not able to think of anything to write.
Here go the rules -
Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.

1. I love chai biscuit. Love as in really love - I can have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There was a time when I was in Kolkatta and ginger tea and 6 milk bikis used to be my breakfast. K used to scold me to no end for the habit and I did look as if I was terminally ill :)

2. My mom is the air that I breathe. She is always right, always. I marvel at her instincts. Being the Cancerian, she can literally sniff people. There have been folks, she has passed judgments about and I being the independent me, have struck to my opinions just to be proven wrong after a long time. For a certain some one it took me a decade to realize, why my mom used to think the way she used to about her!

3. I am conscious of my smile because I feel I have weird teeth :S

4. I am shaped like a pear :(

5. I hate stuffed toys. I just dont know why would someone want to buy those fluffy things and keep them in their drawing rooms! They mar the aesthetic sense of the room and also cause sneezing for a person allergic to dust like me :( The only places where stuff toys look nice are in Archies showrooms and kids playhouses.

6. My bed is sparkling clean - always. Even the ends of the covers are neatly tucked, no stray towels/clothes on it.

7. I always sleep with a book, amrutanjan, cell phone and a handkerchief near me.
Book - cos mostly I read myself to sleep ,
Amrutanjan - the only thing that can stop a sudden nonsensical bout of sneezing
Cell phone - that marvel of man has the alarm
Hanky - again to ward off the sneeze

8. I am a properrrrr Ganesh bhakt. There is no other God I pray to.

9. On the same line - I am spiritual but irreligious. I don't like going to temples, don't like making offerings, don't like keeping mannats etc. It mostly so happens, that I go to a temple and feel a vibe there, which keeps me transfixed. I have tears flowing and I feel the deity's power too strongly. Its then that I pray to the deity. But as such, if any one asks/wants me to go to a temple, I do so very grudgingly :|

10. I adore my sister. Shes like my baby. I pamper her to no ends and I love her immensely too. Mom says there was never an iota of sibling rivalry between the two of us. Just that when she was a toddler, I used to ask for whatever she had in her hands - if it was a pen I would want that, if it was piece of paper I would want the same piece. So my parents used to feign they have got the thing from her, while giving me an altogether new object. Hmpf!

11. I have a love hate relationship with my hair. My hair is curly/wavy and its a tad rough in texture. I so wish I had long straight soft silky dense hair like they show in commercials. I wish I could style my hair as I wished and try the bla bla cuts becoming fads every once in a while. But then I have never ever dared to do anything otherwise to my hair - no coloring, no straightening,no highlighting - no funny business. Cos maybe I like my hair as it is - especially after its been well oiled and shampooed :)

12. I am better off listening in any conversation. I am not a person who likes talking a lot except for with close friends and family. Sometimes I am my chatty self with people, but thats just to not scare them (Booo!) . Once I was at home and minding my own business when my sister in law told me," You should keep making some noise so that we know you are still in the house"

13. I hate guys who speed to show off. I so wish their manliness was taken by a big bad bunch of homosexual rapists. ( Excuse the language, but that is how much I hate them) My house being close to the beach, I see a good bunch of such freaks of nature who speed down the roads as if their dad himself melted the coal tar thats been laid on the road. Once a guy sped so fast, that he rammed into the divider on the road. Imagine what might have happened if another vehicle/pedestrian was coming from the other side.

14. I love reading the newspaper. If any one interrupts me reading the newspaper is bound to find the reticent, recalcitrant best of me. So if I am reading the newspaper - let me be.

15. I love readinggggg (this was easy :) ) Yes I love reading since I was 6 years old I think. My mom, my dad and my moms bro introduced me to the world of books (Seemed like an Oscar winning sentence - Arre not a sentence to win the Oscar, but the ones said after winning the Oscar. :) I thank my brother's sister, my neighbor's garden hose, my car's engine - that sorta sentence :) )
My mom was party to it inadvertently when she used to make us read newspaper headlines when I used to crib " Boreddddd" Later she had to struggle to keep me off novels when I used to hide them in text books and read. Dad ended up enrolling me at Max Mueller Bhawan which housed the biggest library (at Rourkela where I was initially) because he could find no other way to keep me constructively engaged during summer hols) My mom s bro was also in the same town - and he used to be my escort to the lib. He had a huge collection of comics, which fueled my interest for reading even more.

16. I am frank to the extent of being rude. My friend Ashu says "This is my takiya kalam :)"But yes thats a fact - if you expect an opinion from me, be sure you will get your moneys worth :D I call a spade a spade (what else can I call it? :S )

ps. Lately I found a person on my friends list in Orkut having the same words for "about me" ! And she is anything but frank. What has the world come to? :S

17. I am very cool. (Oh boy! this sounds sooooooooo banal rotfl) Half of the world today uses this world to describe itself. But for the lack of anything better - I had to use this much used word. Jokes apart - I am seriously a very cool person ( Seriously and cool in the same sentence - how Oxymoronic ( This reminds me of the movie Oscar in which Sly Stallone says "An ox with a moron is an oxymoron :D ) )
I am rather unfazed under fire. It has to be something earth shattering like I lost my cell phone or something ridiculously silly like my cell phones battery died at 1300 hours - that I would loose my cool. ( From the above sentence one can make out that I am rather attached to my cell phone. Would this count as point 18 Shalom? ) Ashu says we both are so cool that "Isse jyaada cool hote to cold ho jaate" (A classic Ashu PJ :P )

18. I am from the eastern part of India and I am married to a person from a quintessential Tamil family. How did this happen? - fate.

19. I like writing. Not only as in blogs etc, generally also I like writing - I write when I study something, I write to dos, I write expenses, I love writing.

20. Kolkatta is a place where I stayed the longest in my professional career and hated every bit of it. Hyderabad is the place where I stayed the shortest and loved every piece.

21. I am more into macho men. Give me those bulging biceps and 6 packs and please hide those clean shaven gore gore chiknas. :D

22. I have been a pretty sickly kid. I have chronic gastritis( which mandates I keep eating something every 4 hours or so else my stomach wrecks havoc) and sinusitis.
Apart from these two, I have always had some or other health related problem. When I was 4 years old, I was badly bitten by a dog and lost my health. When I was in std 8, I was taken seriously ill with malaria - and I had both the strains of virus - falcifarum and vivax. I was so ill that I was admitted to the Critical Care Unit and was on intravenous quinine for 10 days!
Apart from these, I am done with chicken pox and measles.

23. I am veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy impatient. In Hindi there is a usage, sabr ka baand tootna meaning, the dam of patience giving way. But I never had any dam. I just have a small katori of patience :(

24. I believe I am good at multi tasking. I can roll chapattis and have tea, chat and work, blog and talk over the phone, watch tv and chop vegetables, and multi task a plethora of other activities. The only 2 things I dont multi task are - read and listen and use the cell phone while crossing the road.

25. I am a perfume person. I love splashing myself with fragrances. In fact I have layers of them - the frangrant body wash, followed by the fragrant lotion, followed by the fragrant deo then the fragrant perfume - Howzzat? One class mate had written in my slam book during graduation - you smell like Egyptian mummies :S

Fact 26 - I wrote this post at a go. And had one hellova fun writing this. Made me think so much about myself, remembering some facts, mulling over whether to put something or not and thinking hard to put it all down. And I have written the whole of it in my rambling self. :) When I started it seemed unsurmountable, but then at the end of it I go on till 30 :D
Thanks for tagging again Shalom and I love doing tags ( fact 27?? :-? )

Now the people who have to get on their thinking caps *evil*
Shylu, Satish, Raaji,Piper,Ashma and Amrita


Satish (a.k.a) Bhaashaa said...

Array yaar ... I seriously could not think of writing such a big post and that too this sounds like "Random Thoughts" to me. Anyways, give some time for this poor lad to get it done over the weekend.

btw - your love story is truly touching and for the first time i got to know the full form of "K" :) May you folks be happy and united like this forever.

Certainly a heartfelt wish from this unseen friend to another unseen friend :)

Ashma said...

loved the post.. a gud read as always.. (I have run short of good words to say u know.. ;-).. ) will take up the tag.. but being the lazy me that I am, lets expect it sometime next time..

Shylu said...

Written too well.was all smiles while reading such that the person sitting next to me wud have thought that i had gone mad!!! :-)

Renu said...

very well written, and I got a help also, now ask me how? even i suffer from this sneezing bout and I know now that amrutanjan helps.

niceguy251 said...


Nice and frank admissions.

Take care

Amrita said...

@Satish- Thanks for ur wishes satish :) and take ur time but do write it
@Ashu - Thunku
@Shylu - thankuuu
@Renu- amrutanjan rocksss its my bestttttt frnd
@niceguy- thanku sirji.. read ur post about how u spent 36 hrs without the lady of the house
but too cool u have those pawed friends!!

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Abhishek Khanna said...

phew.. long but captivating post :)

ceedy said...

First time here...and glad to know more about you...

basically you like to read, you are angry at everyone around....and like technological stuff :)

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

you are impatient? doesnt seem like it... hehe... good to know more about you.

i shall take this on soon. thanks.

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

wow nicely executed tag :)

Amrita said...

@Aji- thanks for stopping by
@Abhi - :) wow u found it captivating? Not boring? :)
@Ceedy-Well thanks for stopping by and i choose not to contest your judgements
@Raaji- watching your space :)
@DD -thanku :)

Shalom said...

You did this in one go??!!! And you could come up with 28 facts (yes, being addicted to your cell phone also counts)!!!!

My favourite biskoot in the whole wide world is the humble Parle-G. I love it so much that I haven't had it for some years now, because if I start, I can't stop! And though I go to church every Sunday, yes there are those special times when I too feel God's presence so strongly that I too am moved to tears.

Lipi said...

U srsly did this in one go..!! WHOA :O

n i never knew tht people hated stuffed toys :| hehe

bloghopped here.

Amrita said...

@Shalom- This one post was entirely for u. i was waiting for what you would have to say on it.
@Lipi - :) I am not into mush at allllllll... keep visiting

Piper .. said...

Amrita, you`re the third person to tag me! :)
Ok, I see a few similarities and some differences between us. I cant believe you hate soft toys! And the 'shaped like a pear' was really funny!! :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

"a long comment"

3. i have weird teeth too but i say 'bare it all' :D
4.what is pear shaped ?? :O
5. i hate teddies and the kind and kabhi samajh nahi aata that why people o' my age like to go "ohh chooo chweet' :( . aren't grown ups who still like teddies supposed to be retarded?
13. completely agree
16. well they say it like that so that people think that they are honest. and honesty is the virtue of simple shushil bholi bhali ladki .

have seen many bloggers do this tag , but yours was the only one of which i read every point .* u are definitely cool :D *
will try to do a decent job at it :)

Renu said...

Amrita you have been tagged again !

Amrita said...

@Amu - thanks.. coming from u its an honor!
@Renu - Order taken,delivery in some days :D

Deeps said...

Very interesting!I've been tagged too on the same topic.And I'm close to pulling my hair thinking what to write!25 random habit???Phew!

But I sure had a great read here in your page.Its my first time here and I feel I already know you much better with this one post:)
Thanks for dropping by,Amrita.Will look forward to reading you more often!

Renu said...

another mother is also a cancerian:)

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