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Guess who is in town

Since I am really bad at keeping the suspense let me let out the secret. Its amma :)
Post our visa extensions, we were looking forward to mil making a trip here. It would be a double whammy - we would get to see her and she would get to savour a  change of weather. We pulled our socks up and got everything sorted real quickly. Her passport did take forever to come back from the British consulate, thanks to a whole lot of bank holidays which crept up in between. But then one fine day after what seemed like an eternity, the passport stamped with the visa arrived. Woohoo! She had everything ready, savouries packed for her dear son, some ready to eats set aside for colleagues here and her usual stuff. 
Though I was looking forward to her coming here, I had my own set of apprehensions. Our apartment is not small - its minuscule. Two of us keep coming in each others way, and I had my worries  if three would be able to fit into this match box. Well err... who wants to queue in the morning for …

My dil goes mmm

When I sit bored on a Friday evening, mulling over the most worthless stuff like what's the big deal about Friday?  What's the point in giving so much importance to the start of the weekend? How easy it is for guys to bond over work etc. (No rhyme or reason right? I think crazy sometimes *sighs*) As I keep sinking into more morbid thoughts, K knocks on the door and says "No booze party today, am all yours" ;)When after n attempts at the mock tests for a certification, I finally pass oneWhen after feeling utterly bored once K has ventured out to work real early on a Saturday morning, I do my set of step ups (I step up and down at the fire exit of our apartment as a means of cardio) and come back feeling recharged, revitalised and rejuvinated!When I cook a real good meal which K loves :)When I drown myself in back to back episodes of MTV Roadies Season 8 When K reverts his decision to go to work on a fine Sunday morningWhen we shop groceries together (after eons)When w…