Monday, February 6, 2012

Ek teer se do shikaar

Nancy and Deeps handed me "The Versatile Blogger" Award. 
As part of the award, I have to complete a tag and write down 7 random facts about me! Ahem! 
R-A-N-D-O-M says you, Random gets me :) 

  1. I cannot listen to the songs of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara - especially Paint it red. It was during the summer of 2011, that both my and K's parents made the trip to UK. It was a time filled with fun and warmth. It was time with family. It was also the time which hooked me to this song and would be the first one when I used to venture out on my walks. Now this song fills me with dreadful nostalgia :( 
  2. My nose remains cold no matter how warm the temperature it. I am annoyed like crazy by it. I suit up and gear up against the cold with layers and layers of clothing. But what do I do with the nose?!!!!! It remains cold, frigid and just does not warm up. And I have no idea what to do with it. I do keep cupping my fingers around it and blowing air. But then it is not very helpful :(
  3. I love seeing photographs - old ones, new ones, people, flowers, buildings, sceneries, mine, family, friends, unknown people, random people, celebrities - anyone, any occasion. I just love seeing photographs.
  4. I have never ever baked anything. I love cooking. I have tried most sorts of cuisine and am completely hooked to recipe sites. Somehow, I have stayed away from baking. My mom used to bake immensely tasty cakes and cookies. And I have taken recipes from her umpteen times. But then have never been able to bring myself up for baking. I seriously envy people who can bake. I wish someday I am confident and daring enough to bake something. I should atleast try something in the microwave with so many brownie and cookie recipes which are do-able in a microwave.
  5. Tea without biscuits does not complete the experience for me. I am in love with tea. The evening cuppa is a ritual for me - sacred and unmissable. But what I love with tea is biscuits. There are days when I run out of biscuits. Those days I miss it so bad. I feel as if something was missing from the day. 
  6. I seem to have an OCD when it comes to responding to pings on instant messengers, sms-es or emails. If I am around I will surely respond. In the electronic era, it is very easy to ignore a hi or a ping. But if I am around I am sure to respond. I just cannot imagine not doing it. It somehow seems a bit rude to me to not respond.
  7. I buy accessories but forget to wear them when the time comes :D Yea, I get them all, I stock them and then I forget them. Its mostly when I see someones ahem photograph in which everyone stands beautifully dressed and accessorized, I rue why I dont I do that more often :|
Now tagging 15 people is simply out of bounds. So I am going to tag Furobiker and Amrita.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how little nothings of somebody can mean something to me, but they do!

Loved the post!

Renu said...

3 and 5..even I love:)

Reflections said...

1. Awwww.....I can so understand that.
2. Haha my daughter's nose is like that;-D
3. Even me...I can pore over any amount of photographs but for funeral pics.
4. U just have to make a decision to start. If u've watched & helped ur mom bake chances are that u will be equally good if not better. Give urself the chance:-).
5. This reminds me of my teens when coffee with biscuits were a must at teatime:-D
6. ;-o
7. I love accessories but on others;-P.
Enjoyed commenting on ur tag;-D!!!!!

The Furobiker said...

yeye!! bade din baad ek tag mila! :D

waise ye cold nose wali takleef mujhe bhi hai :D

Deeps said...

Congrats, Amrita!

Oh I love love love all the songs from ZNMD :)

Know what you have company in Namnama... her nose is perpetually cold no matter how warm the weather is :D

Same pinch on seeing photographs ;)

I love baking, but not cooking so much :(. Never mind, when we meet you can rub off your love for cooking on me while I spread my love for baking to you. Deal? :))

I love to have biscuits with tea too. So same pinch again :)

As for accessories, I am with nance here :)

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