Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Can I be smug?

I know, it is not a good thing to be so. I feel embarrassed. But then what else did I have to write about today? :(

So let me brag about a bit. Well.... ahem... I am back to my pre-preg weight. I Knooooooooooo amazinggggggg naaaa??? (I know the male readers (if any) might be thinking yea auratein.)

Well it was a real tough journey. As in, I ate with abandon when  I was expecting - the main culprits being chocolate muffins, carrot cakes, pizzas and parathe. Reflections even did voice a mild warning stating tires don't disappear magically. But then who heeds to good advice? So there I went on a rampage like a kid in a candy store and one fine day stood 20 kilos over weight. Staggering? Yep.

I read uplifting words - 9 months to get there, 9 months to shed it. There was advice against starting on an exercise regime very early. Plus there was the added clause of keeping the energy levels up to take care of the lil one.  With the way things were going, I was sure, I was gonna be stuck with this new me :( But suddenly something hit me - I was like, why give up without a fight? Come on one day I want my daughter to  be proud of me. Thinking this I embarked on my exercise regime .

This had my favorite step ups where I climbed stairs for 20 odd mins. If time permitted I would do it twice a day too. As I would see my sorry self climbing up and down the stairs I used to think if Andy Dufrense could make his way out in Shawshank Redemption what is this mere 20 kg(talk about getting inspired :D ) I used to add up some yoga and walks. I got on heavily into calorie counting using myfitnesspal. As I was on my way my dear friend Sam suggested green tea. God was with me and it seemed to work for me though I have met many nay Sayers.

K was always with me in his supportive best. Bless him. He would take care if Chiyaa as I went for step ups. He also got on to using the calorie counter . He was cautious of my diet all the time keeping a steady eye. He forced me to re-join swimming more as an activity I enjoyed rather than yet another exercise. He encouraged me to shed the maternity wear as I shed pounds. He scolded me like crazy if I felt bad about the way I looked. The journey would not be the same but for him. Of course there was roomie dear whose words pepped me to no end.

Gosssshhh this is sounding more and more like an Oscar speech! So on the same line I would also like to thank Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who helped take the limelight off many hapless moms like me :) good luck to you lady :).  


Renu said...

you reminded me of my times:)

Shallu Goyal said...

haha nice onee...congratssssssssss....but this post definitely demands a foto of new u...:)

Amrita said...

Renu - Sagis we are :D
Roomie dear - Sagi u too :P Pic hai na profile main :P

Jack said...


Congratulations. Hard work always pays. Swimming is the best exercise for all limbs as well as mind. Now maintain it. It is not the quantum of exercise which matters but regularity.

Take care

Ashma said...

Aweome!! I am so proud of u Amu.. this is inspiring not just for vibha but for others too.. especially ppl like me.. :) and i must say i am a little J now.. :-D

Amrita said...

True uncle its the regularity which is imp..
AShu -- u too will get there... if u get up :P

Reflections said...

Fantastic Amrita....GREAT job[if I had an emoticon with a thumbs-up sign I wd have put it here:-)]!!!!

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