Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lemme try this

I am generally a bundle of thoughts. There is some chain of thought or the other running through my mind. Fed up with these voices in my head, I think I started blogging. And now I have even taken up this err.. blog-athon. 

Now I suddenly see thoughts vanishing. Come onnnnnn! Don't give up on me now!!! I was wondering if I could post my din-charya (too lame), my kiddos din-charya (uh ho.... ) or menus I cooked or..... Urgh. Then I just stumbled upon this - why don't I write a movie review.  I have not done that in this space. I am very critical of movies and mostly I end up strongly disliking movies that are popular. Dark Knight Rises, Kahaani, Vicky Donor for instance.I whole heartedly enjoy the Bol Bachchans, RA.One and We Bought A Zoo though. Weird - yep.

Now coming to the movie I watched - it was English Vinglish. Hmmmm.... !!!SPOILER ALERTTTT!!!
I don't think I can sufficiently review the movie without spilling some beans :( 

Ok here goes --

  • What's with learning English in New York. What about Rapidex English Speaking Course, Veta, British Academy for English Language?
  • Completely beats me that a woman who could not order a cuppa coffee in a roadside restaurant ends up taking a subway to her classes.
  • She was a superb mom and stuff, but I think she really forgot to teach her daughter some manner. Ek laafa lagane ka tha and she would be proper grounded.
  • Why did she have a bone to pick with her hubby all the time? As in seriously when he hugs her goodbye at the airport, she retracts as if he has a contagious ailment. And this was the woman complaining about not being hugged. Duh!
  • The mild romantic angle with guess who - a French. Yawn! Come on are we done with stereotyping here?
  • She was going to English classes only not pole dancing. The need for keeping it under cover was?!!
  • Wearing the over coat only after placing an order in full English. Hmm why may I ask?
These were the bits that were so jarring, that I felt like Hmpf! But then overall - I did not feel like running away :) I really appreciate these movies with a female protagonist, after Kahaani this again was one which hinges on the central female character. Way to go Bollywood! 

Well... that's how my thoughts are on movies. :) Totally off the mark.


Renu said...

you are hitting it so right..exactly the way i feel..first review i read which is done properly..not just towing other's way:)

Now I think this blog a thon is going to be interesting..

Amrita said...

awww thankssssssssssssss Renu!! Means a lottttt!!!!!!

Reflections said...

I LOVED the movie!!!!!!