Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Diwali waali post

Well, this is becoming a ritual now, much like my favorite festival :) 

This Diwali was so ultimately special - being the first with the lil one! I could not feel the approach of the festival so much this year, cos I was a bit tied down by chores involving the baby. Since we returned from a vacation in India just 10 days back, I was in the re-alignment phase as well. But things kick started on Saturday when K announced the elaborate menu being prepared at sil's house. That made me realize that Diwali was just round the corner. I had the usual rangoli and diya designs planned. Yea if you may remember I nearly set the house on fire last year :P So this year lights were strictly prohibited. But me being the stubborn one sneakily got some candles from the local store. (Chance lene main kya harz hai ;) )

I tried my hand at making besan barfi and kalakand. They came out pretty good. Condensed milk ho to life jhingalala :) We planned to go to an Indian restaurant for dinner. We had expected Chiyaa to sit and eat with us and had gone all prepared with baby food. But she chose to sleep off! You can never anticipate a baby's moves! She happily slept off on K's shoulder. Now I have become an expert 'feeder'. Making Chiyaa swallow portions of gooey fruits, vegetables and what have you, I embarked on the mission to feed K as well while he kept the kiddo. It was good fun and way easier :) 

Dinner done, Diwali over  :(  Pictures remain :) 

Besan Barfi


Decoration near deities

On the floor which I guarded fiercely from Chiyaa :) Today I let her destroy it and boy was she happy :)

With the ahem safer candles

Totally totally safeeeee this time :) 
Hope you all had a great Diwali too!!

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