I wanted to try this too

I had read some where about a lady who wrote about 4 good things that happened in a day for a month. Again as always I wished to try that too. Now what better opportunity than this blog-athon.
These are Sunday's highlights : -

  • It was brilliantly sunny !
  • Had superbly tasty chicken biriyani at a friend's place by virtue if an impromptu invitation
  • Tried a new venture today ( details on it in another post :) )
  • And K told he needed 4 hours at work but came back in 1.5 woo hooo!!!


Renu said…
Best is the last one:)
Reflections said…
Impromptu invitations are the best;-D

2 days back our neighbour gave us some butter chicken just as we were sitting for dinner. Without a moments hesitation the channa masala I made went inside the fridge and BC was served with a flourish;-D.

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