Thursday, November 22, 2012

Now day 2?

Day 1 at BBSR was a buzz. It came and went filled with lively chatter, tasty food and of course the hullabaloo around Chiyaa. The next day my parents were hosting a get together of close family and friends to 'show off' the new baby :) By my parents's standards, close family and friends ended up being - err- 200 :D

The day started early with my Aai (which is maternal grandma in Odia) coming over. Now she was the Super Aai now, being promoted to the stature of great grandmother :) She was beside herself with joy on seeing the little one. Pity she did not have much energy to carry her, but I could see the joy with which she followed the little one with her eyes. People kept coming and going and Chiyaa was perfect celebrity. She went to everyone, no qualms at all,even pulled a few chains of some aunties and specs of some uncles. She was at her gregarious best. The person I was waiting to meet was my dear hum-naam Amrita :)  She is a blogger whom I follow since forever. Lately my sis kept raving about a 'friend' Amrita. And I was like kaun hai yea ladki. She went on to give some details, and I was like ting ting ti ting. Rings a bell! I asked if she writes blogs and sis said,  yea she does, keeps sending me links which I read sometimes :P Then I happened to check her profile on Facebook and there it was - her blog url blinking at me. I was like yeayyyyyyyyyyy Sherlockkkkk!!! So we became friends on the ubiquitous FB and the rest  as they say is history :)

It was real nice of her to come over, even though she had a flight to catch. (Yes really) The din continued and little did we realise that it was 1600 already and we were yet to have lunch! We scampered and had the fare - pulao, mixed veg, chutney, aloo gobi, malpua, rasgulla, gulab jamun, pakode. Shuddh Odia khana! So hearty. Mere to aansoo aa gaye! 

Towards the evening there were only a few close family members remaining. That's when my best friend Sam called over, that she could drop by in another hour. Sam is my sounding board. Our friendship if I choose to quantify it - is 17 years old. But there is nothing in that number. It fails to exemplify how precious a person she is. (I don't have much friends :( There are only 4 people I liberally associate with that word. It is a very niche term for me :)  ) Anyways, she happened to be in town that day. In fact she had a trip to another city, but she made sure she came over with her mom. Now how splendid is that! We could not actually have our jibber jabber - but that she came, that I could see her after 3 years just made my day. Seeing her mom, awakened all those old memories of school. Aah nostalgia!

Sam and aunty had dinner, after which they rushed back. K was to start the next day back to Chennai, leaving me and Munchkin to lavish in all the glory at BBSR. We had no idea what a week lay ahead!

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Reflections said...

4 generations under 1 roof....that is really special. Do post pics of great-grandmother & baby if u can:-)

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