Friday, November 23, 2012

Week without K

K left for Chennai leaving Chiyaa and me to be at BBSR. He was to enjoy 'bachelor-hood' for a week, while I was to savor all the pampering I could at my maika.

There were invitations to visit left right and center. The food that was laid was simply to die for. One of my Chachi ji even made pani puri  as a starter knowing my undying love for the dish. There was a dahi bara aloo dum party which was a rocking hit. I hosted a lunch (rather invited to a hotel) for my cousins. We ate like famished pigs. Literally for 2 hours, we just kept on eating. We made a trip to my maternal granny's house which was a very lively day. I am always amazed at how much emotion a baby can evoke. People in their seventies start bouncing and jumping around. Bless them! 

Every single day at BBSR was made up of family, food and fun. There was no end to it. Chiyaa was carried on shoulders, bumped around and she also fully participated in all the action. She was so eager to play that she would barely touch food. It was a real challenge to make her eat! But then we used to join forces and somehow make her have something. 

Like all good things, the stay at BBSR drew to a close. We started wrapping up things. With Chiyaa around, the whole aura of gloom that descends over me when I leave BBSR was not there. Her chores kept our minds off the fact that soon the time to bid goodbye would come over. And that time came :( With all its heaviness. It was a nauseating feeling. Papa was too emotional and could not restrain his tears. Mummy was more practical assuring everyone. But I know she was being cut into half inside. As we walked towards the departure terminal I looked back once at my family, their faces wretched with grief. It was a strangulating feeling. 

I thank God for K beside me which made the tears stop way sooner. One wonderful, surreal, ethereal leg of the vacation was over. Memories were all I could carry.


Jack said...


I think I need to visit you everyday now as there were so many posts pending. Read all. Nice account of stay in India during holidays. These are the memories which will make you smile always. Looking forward to have that BESAN BARFI and KALAKAND made by you. Please do give hug to Chiyya with lots of love from my side. Wish you had time to visit Delhi also. Next time, hope so.

Take care

Amrita said...

@Uncle -just trying to write a blog per day for 30 days :) Lets see :)
Yes next time a trip to Delhi for sure!

Renu said...

really a small child makes such a difference to the whole family...

Jeevan said...

Seems u had a great time with your family... and there is nothing like the pain of parting. Hope the time comes very soon for your next vacation, so u have more such fun :)

Happy Sunday

Reflections said...

Agree with Renu....a lil child makes so much difference:-).

And the way u write about foood....mooh mein paani aa jaata hai;-(

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