Friday, December 14, 2012

There is something about Friday

Its like poori kayanat comes to celebrate this awesome day! 

Today the temperatures were hitting all time lows. It was raining like crazy. URGHHHH!!!! But then still it was Friday. Things tend to go ok on a Friday.

Somehow Chiyaa decided to take an elongated nap. Something like 2 hours. Maybe because of the cold climate, she felt all warm and snuggled up in her blanket. That gave me time to catch up with 2 dear friends. Wow! It was so fantastic!!! Words cannot describe how good I felt. One is my proper alter ego, with whom I can share almost everything. She understands me totally and being of the same wavelength as me, its like seeing a mirror. But she also gives her words of honesty and caution which is amazing. I can't be more grateful to God for having given such an amazing friend. The other is my pillar of strength who has seen me through some real tough times. My contact with her is few and far between given her numerous responsibilities at home and work. But when we do catch up, its like a breath of fresh air. It was thoroughly enriching talking to both of them.

In spite of time having rolled on, there was no sign of the Munchkin waking up. I thought might as well utilise this time to get my wish fulfilled. Yep of making daal baati which I mentioned in my last post. I was planning to follow this recipe. Now if you see the recipe is a pretty elaborate one like performing a science experiment. But anyways I decided to follow it. Started in the morning itself and had hopes that would somehow be able to manage it for dinner. Thankfully I was. Here's the result. Must have done something prettttttttttty wrong for it looks nothing like the image in the recipe ;) Though it was edible. Ashu you are not to be blamed :) 

Midway K came for tea cos he never had a proper lunch. Chiyaa slept a bit more and I read some pages of a book.Hmmm.... there is something about Fridays, even the rain soaked ones.


Reflections said...

One dish is the dal but wht is the gol-gol shape dish???

Amrita said...

That is supposed to be baati, they are dough balls with a stuffing baked in oven.

Ashma said...

hehe.. good that u at least tried it.. and dont worry abt the looks.. doesnt really matter.. :)

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