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Bucket List

Well, I am waiting. Yep - for the inevitable. For the end of life as I have always known. 

Carrying itself was a novelty. The feeling of life inside you is surreal. The inconveniences it poses is as they say in "corny-land" - preparation for what lies ahead. There are moments of agony and pure exhilaration. There are times when you wish it would all end while there are others when you are ok with it going on forever for you are clueless what to do when its all over. But then as my midwife summed it beautifully - kids are the good things in life and all good things make us wait, and cos they make us wait, we love them so much. Hmmm true!!!

Waise, main aise dadi maa types batein kyun kar rahi hoon. Yea sab mujhe shobha nehi deta :D So I am going to revert to original self. Now my mobility is severely restricted thanks to all the Ahem "nutritious" food that I am consuming (carrot cakes and ferero rochers and margarita pizzas ;) )which have added Dunlop tyres to me. I ca…

Time for the ritual- Yea the year end post!

Now is the time for the year end wala post J Don’t believe it, that in a day this years going to be over! This year went really really fast did nt it? There were no big milestones that I crossed but there were some junctures which I crossed that made this year extra special. The most epic one was our decision to become errr… parents. Scary thought eh? I know. I would nt trust myself with a child, let alone a baby. But then I dunno, I feel one fine day you just feel ready to take on the journey. Yes, any right minded person would think – Whoa are you crazy? But yea buddy – there are quirks in nature. Life does bring you to a stage where you see past the dirty diapers, the puke, the terrible twos and assume you can cope with all that. And take that big leap of faith. I could go on and on about how the whole thing can make you feel, but then I would become arduous. So dive we did and mind you those were some months of anticipation.
We had reached a point where we had given up – yes we are …