Saturday, May 10, 2014

weSurvive IV

Taking a break and returning to work can be daunting. Taking one for maternity for a year and returning more so. 

Luckily for me I had the option of returning part time. I had mil for help while I could work 5 hours. It seemed like the perfect balance between home and work. Slowly I could enthuse myself to give more in each sphere. I started to see the option to move towards a change in my career. I also felt confident to leave chiyaa for longer hours and move towards full time. 

It all came with a lot of hard ground work. First there was the really trying phase of keeping her in daycare, initially half day then increasing it to full day. I had to start preparing for interviews , attending them and waiting with trepidation for the results. 

I am at a stage where I 'think' things are settled. But it has come with a whole set of routine changes. We love inertia and any change though it challenges us also unsettles us. Chiyaa quite does not like the idea of staying nearly 8 hours in the daycare. When I bring her home she clamours for my attention. Leaving me without the room to even get a wash. She's a bit famished as well and is irritable as a result. It takes a lot of effort to get her to eat as well since she is already past the reasoning threshold. I am not very keen on it, but I have to resort to putting some videos in you tube. 

I manage to cook something for her. I hurry through my dinner. Since she stays longer at daycare she does not have much stamina for any other activity. Thankfully K comes as a saving grace in this . Lately he has been able to get home around 1930-2000. I cannot thank God enough for this small stroke of luck. He is able to take care of chiyaa while I get on with cooking lunches and dinner for the subsequent days. It had been quite a while since we had freshly prepared rotis :(

Well that is just a small price that is of not much consequence . The only aspect we want to get sorted is chiyaa. We hope one day I can look back at all this too as 'just a phase'.


Renu said...

dont know what to is all about management:)

Salomie said...

Don't beat yourself up about the videos …. it's inevitable. Be proud that you kept her off them for 2 years! Congrats on the new job … hope things settle down soon for you.

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