Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Random thoughts of nervous soul

... today is my last working day at my firm and I don't like changes
... I have no idea how I am going to fare from tomorrow in a totally new place with lots of new people and new kinda work. What if no body talks to me :( :( *sniff sniff*

I have a colleague of mine who is now a neighbor and I sometimes do catch him crossing the courtyard to work. From Wednesday if I see him, I am surely going to think about my last place. From my living room window, I can see the bus that used to ferry me to and from my office. Whenever I catch a glimpse of it, I am going to have mixed emotions.

I know in the bigger picture of things all this is going to melt away. Soon I will get on with my new work place, maybe get someone to talk to :) 

I was asked to join immediately post completion of my current role. Which means the big 'break' I was fantasizing about is never going to happen. I anyways have taken a couple of days off to get some shopping done, sort out my wardrobe, get the fridge packed with all grocery to last a week since I won't have the luxury of being able to shop after work. Why you ask. Oh I forgot to mention I will be working full time going forward. Which give the additional jitters. I have been used to working 5 hours everyday for the past 16 months. 5 hours makes the morning and 2 hours of the afternoon. Which gave me time to sort out chores at home and take care of the little birdie. I have no idea how a full working day is going to feel like. It is going to be 7 hours everyday which  is a mere addition of 2 hours, but then, I have no idea whether they will feel like 2 never ending hours, or nothing at all. Only time will tell.

The kid also has to stay extra.I have been acclimatising her to this imminent change by keeping her a bit longer every day. But  some days I make the surprise visit and pick her up sooner too. If nothing else, it is the 'option' that I felt I had of picking her anytime I wanted after 1430 depending on what I intended to get done. Now that option is going away. I hope that she adjusts fine and likes her slightly longish stays.

I hope all goes well and settles in a jiffy. It will take quite  a bit of time am sure, it is going to be a run for sanity as we scramble through home and work. It will definitely be interesting


Renu said...

I find the changes very exciting:)..All the best for the new place...believe me everything will work out well within no time..

Shallu Goyal said...

How was ur first day at new place roomie dear!!! Hope u found urself comfy n cud spend a gud time there..

Chitra said...

The person who is comfortable with change is the one who can be happy as well! Fikar not mere dost (or dostini(?)), you shall fare well!

Ashma said...

Yeah.. How was your first day, met anyone to talk to ? 😉

Soma Pradhan said...

Change is always good.New Job always brings lot of new things to learn. All the best buddy !!