Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The year 2008

Last year when I posted this I had scant thought that yet another year will pass by andddd it will be time to post another year ending thingy.

Hmm.... the end of this year does not seem like the end of a year at all. Partly I can blame it on the fact that TAMIL NADU SARKAR DOES NOT GIVE LEAVE ON 1st of JANUARY COS THE NEW YEAR BEGINS WITH THE TAM NEW YEAR. Grrrrrr......
Another reason might be, there were many things which were evened out in the year that I don't have any thing to anticipate in the coming year. There is nothing that I have planned and have to execute it next year. There is nothing that I have executed and have to await the results next year. Most of the rough and tumble happened in the year itself.

  • I got married
  • 2 of my closest friends got married
  • I was able to trot around the country with my better half
  • I had a splendid and a pretty educative year with my in laws ( education about the traits and quirks of the people who are to be my family hence forth :D )
  • I moved in to a new firm and got used to it pretty decently.
  • Got to spend awesome quality time with my parents and had helova lot of fun
  • And the bestest I had a neice, the cutest thing on earth currently :)

Touchwood to all that ( I am superstitious in this) I hope I am able to post a placid post next year too. Wish all chancing upon this post a wonderful and glorious year and hope the new year with a new government down the line also brings in a lot of peace and prosperity to the country.


niceguy251 said...


So 2008 had been eventful for you. How can you say nothing to look forward to in 2009? I am sure at least elders of family will definitely look forward to.

Have you read the post I suggested? There are 3 of them I am looking forward to your comments upon - Dec 07 " Happiness is in your hands ", Apr 08 " Strenght of a family " and Aug 08 " Happy Married Life ". Young lady, I write from experience.

How old is the little one? May God bless her with all the happiness in the world. I adore children, we have 3 grandchildren. Girl 7 years & boy 2 years from daughter's side and 1 year old girl from son's side. The youngest one was pulling my hair to take me away from PC a while ago.

Take care

Take care

Shylu said...

Wishing you a very happy new year!!!

Amrita said...

@niceguy - hey! yep 2008 was eventful for me.. and the elders in the family mite look forward to happenings.. i am not and have made it pretty clear.
i read strength of a family.. nw tht u mentioned will read the other 2....sadly still not able to post comments

the cute one is some 9 months old now :) hehehe oh the pleasure of havin young ones bullyin u :) enjoy the time :)

@shylu -wish u too a gr8 new yr

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

touchwood . :) niece is ulti cute :)

all the best for everything .

Renu said...

So last yr u crossed one of the landmark of anybody's life...marriage, and now u have a rosy future to look forward to:)
Wish U all the best !
and I love the little moppet:)

BTW i read a few post of niceguy251and wanted to comment, but cudnt:(

Anonymous said...

Wish you a fantastic year ahead Amrita !!

Satish (a.k.a) Bhaashaa said...

Hey dude, for good ppl everything wud be gud, so don worry, we r sure that u will post such a cute recap of 2009 with similar tone and buzz :)
Wishing u n ur family a prosperous 2009m


Abhishek Khanna said...

happy new year hai cherrieji

Shalom said...

I think life always has surprises in store for us. Hope all things good come your way.....have a blessed New Year!!!

Nitin said...

Hi Amrita,

Happy New Year ......

Srivalli said...

Amrita, you have got a pretty impressive place here...good to see you documenting life!..your niece is very cute...thanks for dropping by my blog..hope to see you again!

Wish you a great year ahead!

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