Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mixed emotions

The last couple of days have been full of ups and downs. Literally they been like a wave diagram as it used to be in the class VIII Physics text books.

Last Friday, the 27th of Feb, I was all agog to venture on my trip home. Thursday was a bit of a spoiler cos mil had to go sil s place, since she was needed there. I was a bit worried since the duration of her stay out there was unsure, and I was a bit concerned for K, cos without any one to give him his daily grub, he would get very very negligent of his food. And that was the last thing I wanted keeping his busy schedule in mind. But then I was reassured by K again and again, that he would take care of himself and I would do good to take a chill pill and stop worrying about him.

After that lengthy sermon from him, I was rest assured. And I was back in my pepped up spirits on Friday. But then, I happened to loose my cell phone on the way back from the gym. The Sony Ericsson W580i which I loved to hate - that phone worth 10K + , that phone which was nearly indispensable for me slipped somewhere and I lost it. I sobbed my heart out and I was more shaken because I was travelling that very day. I had to coordinate stuff with so many folks, the call taxi, a friend I was planning to meet up that day, the folks I intended to catch up with when I was at Hyd, etc etc. I got on with work as soon as I reached home, got searching signatures of people in emails and took down their numbers and called as many as possible from the landline. I even went and registered a complaint at the local police station, boy I summoned some amount of guts for that.

The onward journey to Hyderbad was very pleasurable since the co passengers of mine were very friendly. One happened to be from Mumbai, one from Gujrat, one from Bihar, one passenger from Haryana, another person from Kerala, I was from Orissa and finally there was a couple from Andhra Pradesh who seemed more like conjoined twins to me ;) So this band of Bharatwasis were on analysing every place of India, lifestyles of different parts, culture, food, politics and anything else that we could think of. After a really long time, I had a pleasurable trip in the train, where we actually were so pally. I will always remember this train trip as one of my most pleasurable ones. And finally Sh hugging me as soon as I alighted at the Secunderabad Railway station made me feel - I have reached the place which I connect with.

That day we did not venture out much, thanks to the enervating heat and I not being able to contact most folks. The day was spent leisurely, making gobi parathas and ginger tea, chatting about home and work, playing agony aunty and my friends being all questions about my new life. It was really humbling to learn, how even after close to a year, my friends still talk about me and kinda miss me. When Sh said, "Amrita has come here but I feel at home now " nearly brought tears in my eyes. And A as usual bore the brunt of Sh and my jokes in her usual sportive self. God bless you both sweethearts and hope your troubles go away Sh. And you both owe me a trip to Chennai.

The next day had my mom and I making a trip to the Chilkur Balaji temple, and preparation of a wholesome Oriya meal for lunch and then off to the airport for the onward trip to Bhubaneswar. Reaching Bhubaneswar, I was happy on one hand to see my folks, but then I was missing Hyd and my friends and was also feeling a bit anxious for K. A whole topsy turvy trip full of mixed emotions :S


Piper .. said...

heyy.. so sorry about the cell. Did you find it? I remember I had lost mine too, one day before traveling to some unknown place(office work). God, it was awful! So glad you had a great time! :) you back yet?

Shylu said...

All is well that ends well... njoi well and come back soon :-)

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

well that is what we call life. :-)

Amrita said...

@Piper - Nay not back yet
@Shylu - Yep :) thats what i am doing
@Raaji - True true

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

gobhi parathe :O

meiko bhi khane hai :-|

aur sirf gumo phiro...ab recession nhi aayega toh kya aayega x-(

**[ abhi tab tak naraj jab tak gobhi parathe nhi milte :| ]

Scribbler said...

A very impressive blog. Was jus scanning through the blogosphere and came across yours. LIked the way you've put this acroos, in your previous post "K has time just to scan through the morning newspaper and if he finds anything interesting he brings it to our knowledge." Might sound trivial, but the word OUR adds so much depth and meaning to the whole thing :)
keep it rollin;)

Amrita said...

@DD - oye chn aa jaao.. mast parathe khilati hoon
@Scribler - :) keep coming by.. and appreciate the observation :)

Deeps said...

So you're the upteenth person I've come across who's lost her cell to the big-bad world!I can imagine how handicapped you must have felt without it.I get all panic-stricken myself when I lose mine.Its as if my whole world has crumpled down to bits!
Its noce to know that you had really nice trip.Its amazing awe-inspiring to exprience our diverse cultures,isnt it?

You have a blast at Bhubaneswar,Amrita!Will look forward to reading about your city and stay in one of your later blogs:)

niceguy251 said...


Did you inform your cell service provider about the loss otherwise someone who finds it will have a nice time making calls at your expence. When are you getting back home? Enjoy while you are at your Mom's place. How is K doing without you there?

Take care

Renu said...

loosing a cell phone is most disturbing, u loose a thing and then u get lot of problems also.
But now enjoy the trip !
Oh u went to Hyd, wish I had gone with you , would have got a good company:)

When will you be back?

Amrita said...

@Deeps - Yeea :(
@Niceguy - K had a lottttttttt of fun :|
@Renu - Hey next time around we plan a trip together!

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