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This funny feeling

This might end up being a very mushy post and I will end up hating myself for writing this. But then what the heck - this is the only way to get the thoughts out of my system I suppose.

Lately, I have been missing K a lot. Its not like we are in different places but still - its been 4 days since I spoke to him. And no its not because of any fight - its because of work. His work is way too hectic and he has to go through the whole rigmarole of working late nights. So most of our conversations are through the short messaging services. But how much conversation can you make when you have one deadline or the other breathing down your neck. By the time K gets back home which is mostly around 0130 hours yours truly is fast asleep cos I am not at all those pati vrata types who dont eat or sleep till hubby dear returns. My sister calls me a "sleepaholic" and I never trouble my stomach because if it rumbles hell breaks loose. Mornings when I am up around 0600ish, I have to scoot aroun…

Unveiling me :)

Tagged by Shalom :) A welcome break because I was not able to think of anything to write.
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1. I love chai biscuit. Love as in really love - I can have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There was a time when I was in Kolkatta and ginger tea and 6 milk bikis used to be my breakfast. K used to scold me to no end for the habit and I did look as if I was terminally ill :)

2. My mom is the air that I breathe. She is always right, always. I marvel at her instincts. Being the Cancerian, she can literally sniff people. There have been folks, she has passed judgments about and I being the independent me, have struck to my opinions just to be proven wrong after a long time. For a certain some one it took me a decade to realize, why my mom used to think the way she used to about her!

3. I am conscious of my smile becaus…

In the summer time

I am a proper fire sign - I love the sun. The sun makes me feel happy! I don't mind the sweat or the fatigue that comes with it. And more than the sun, I like the change to the summer season which is otherwise known as spring.

By 9 ish, the sun is high in the sky, grinning at every one mischievously. But then, though hes shining bright, his rays don't pierce the body. And the mild breeze is a perfect consort for the blazing sun. I feel so pepped up with the magic the dazzling sun and frisky wind create. It makes me all nostalgic and remember the good things of life - remember the God of small things :)

The weather makes me remember, how my sister and I used to study at this time for our last term examinations. We would be left alone in the house by mom and dad, and the whole morning we would sit in front of the TV. After a nice scrumptious lunch, we would doze off. Conscience would awaken in either of us, and we would scramble to the study table. But it would only be at the fa…