Friday, May 28, 2010

The words that sum up beautifully what I want to write

This song is my all time favorite! One of the rare occassions where I prefer the movie version than Eric Segal's Man Woman and Child.

The lyrics loosely translate like this

I am not angry with you life, I am just surprised
Your innocent questions distress me

I never thought that to live, I would have to take care of sorrows
I never thought that everytime I smile, I would have to repay the favour of the smiling
Now everytime there is a smile on my lips, I feel as if there is a debt on my lips

Life, your sorrows have taught me new relationships
Sometimes I have got the respite of shade under scorching sun

If today the eyes well up, the tears will flow through
Tomorrow, maybe I will not even have the tears to shed
I had kept one tear, but am not sure where did I let it flow

(The translation is to the best of my auditory perception and Hindi knowledge. Any mistakes may please be pointed out :)  )

The doldrums do not seem to end, hoping God gives me strength and the patience to go through this. For.... this too shall pass :)


Piper .. said...

One of my all time fav songs too! Loved your translation, Amrita.
And dont be they say, this too shall pass. I hope this hug helps.
((((( )))))

(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

it is indeed a beautiful song. I like your new template too :-)

Renu said...

Even I love this song..its so beautiful....and this is true..this too shall pass..remember we saggi are eternally optiimistic people..and for everything comes out right in the take heart and cheer up...

Jack said...


Wish you all the best.

Take care

Anonymous said...

It is one of my favorites too. I well up every time I listen to it,especially the male version. I loved the movie too.

Thank you so much for sharing it here, Amrita. This is one song I can hear again and again.

Reflections said...

Beautiful, beautiful of my alltime favourite songs:-)

Love ur new look; u tek care:-))!!!

Reflections said...

Are u ok???? seems like a long time since u posted:-)

Renu said...

kahan ho Amrita?

Anonymous said...

Where did you disappear? Long time since you did a post. Hope you're doing ok.

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite song too! So beautiful!

But where have you disappeared? Haven't blogged in a LONG time.

Hope you're doing ok.

Reflections said...

I've tagged a grand comeback with it;-D

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