Monday, April 25, 2011


Sometimes I am amazed at how perceptive people are. Reflections said "U r really busy huh.....I've noticed tht most people dont blog all tht much when they r happy with whts happening in their life;-)". 

And truer words have not been said. Yes I am really busy.  And yes I am happy with what is happening in my life (Touchwood) Btw what is happening in my life??!! :S 

Yep, you heard it, nothing is happening. Its life as usual. I would love for lots of things to happen. Love to see some motion on my sis's work front. Love to see some action on my daily routine. And I do sometimes think about a lot of things. But then as a generally lazy friend of mine who is even lazy in thinking said, Zyada sochne se faisle kamzhor ho jaate hain. (Thinking a lot makes decisions weaker). So taking her cue, I am going to proceed on some ground breaking decisions. Keep watching this space :P

On second thoughts as long as the stream of life goes on without ripples, one should not complain. Cos you can never be sure when wishes turn into horses and scare the living day lights out  of you. Any hoo, I digress again. I should have been writing about what is happening in my life.

Life is taken up mostly by work which is again mostly done by K. Now that spring is slowly making way for summer, there is lots more reading and reading in the sunshine for me! And reading in the sunshine leads to dozing off. With more sleep comes sparkling skin (so says my Mommy, if you sleep well skin main chamak aati hai  so rather than applying all those artificial products take a nap- so says Mrs Know-all aka Mummy). So yes  I bring more nikhar on my twacha as K has eaten his left hand's thumb nail away thanks to the never ending vagaries of work. (Yes he still bites his nail, and believe it people, he does not have a left thumb nail anymore. Which is worse given the fact that he is left handed. To add more spice to the scenario, he is just not letting a new nail grow, cos things at work are not improving).

How gross can I get, I spent the better part of an entire paragraph talking about nails! Yiekssssss!! Apart from a missing nail and family members, its a new experience for us just being us. For the first time, we do not even have the intervention of a domestic help. Its just me and K, living in fancy abandon. There is no worry of an earring lying here, or a watch being lost amongst laundry, or bothering to lower the voices when an argument begins. We are the master of all we survey in this minuscule apartment and there is a unique joy to it. Discovering new routes for walks, sitting in the sun in some new found park after a tiring walk, enjoying the company of others but loving that of eachother - those are simple things that still add the sparkles.    

Thankfully the Easter weekend has been blessed with sunshine and I am looking forward to devouring more books (there is one technical one which is gyrating on the shelf for my attention. I should give it a shot too) . Let it shine!!


Renu said...

your observation is so right..when people are happy they dont blog so much:)

The Furobiker said...

why do i remember that you said once that you will type out book review of all the books you have read in uk when you get an internet connection? :D

Ashma said...

yup... i agree too.. ppl blog less when they r happily busy.. ;) and ur friend does sound pretty smart.. u shud listen to her advise.. :-p.. let me know how it goes..

sumukh bansal said...

liked it..

when people are happy they dont blog so much:)

i guess i m a happy person seeing my post counts..

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