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Full House

Amma joined us on the 20th of last month and the Chennai trio was complete. And last week on the 10th, my mom, dad and sis reached! Now that's are a real full house!
Our joy just knows no bounds. It is just so amazing to be all together. The whole plan had so much ironing out to do. Dad has his post retirement activities which he did not want to miss out. Sis had her work. Mom had her responsibilities for my  maternal granny. So along with all this, it was a marvel that all 3 of them were able to manage these 3 weeks to come here. It would have been a cherry on top of it, if K would have been able to manage some leaves. But then perfect is boring.
I really relish that fact that my family gets along famously. Big touchwood to that! And somehow by the grace of God, we do happen to pull out some or the other get together. 2008, we spent the Dusserra vacation together at Bbsr with trips to Puri and Chilika being the highlights. 2009, when sis got her posting at Mysore, we all managed a …