Sunday's highlights yet again

Continuing my series on Sunday's highlights here comes another one :) 

Yesterday was not so much of a fun day and I had to literally pull out these 4 events. But once having done that, I felt yesterday wasn't too bad after all :) 

  • Got a real sweet message from a friend with updates of his daughter. She is just 10 days elder to Chiyaa and we keep texting each other of our progress err.. rather our daughter's progress :) 
  • Had a scrumptious Sunday breakfast - na na nothing elaborate cooked by yours truly. It is just  a tradition we follow - coffee, maggi noodles and omlette :)  every Sunday :)
  • Managed to watch the movie Argo inspite of zillion and one distractions from the naughty 9 month old
  • Ordered and Indian takeaway (we both eat to beat the blues :P ) so much so that we were uneasy after having hogged like that. 


The Furobiker said…
Wow! You seem to be on a blogging spree. There are so many posts on my google reader!

I am a little caught up in life, but will try to read them all from office today :D

Aur batao, kya haal chaal
Amrita said…
i kno i kno busy busy log.. shaadi vyaah wagera wagera :P
Jack said…

Totally relaxed one. Maggie with omelette, well, I normally add pieces of boiled egg but now will try with your recipe.

Take care

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