Thursday, January 21, 2010

Honestly speaking

Nancy gave me the Honest Scrap award for the "openness that shines through my pages". I felt - Chalo kisine mera sahi hunar pehchana :D
Now the tough part is this award comes with a tag in which one has to mention 10 facts which others may or may not know. Hmmm... I thought 8 was difficult enough till I was made to do 20, then a quarter of a century, said a lot about myself through pictures after which I surprised myself by writing the mighty Century tag!
But still people if you are not satisfied (or rather bored) of knowing about yours truly here are some more hard hitting facts to digest :D

1.I am a bit conscious of the fact that some(I am sure of one aint sure if there are some ) of Ks friends and family read this blog.The sadder part is they are all silent which is a bit unfair since I never get the other party's opinion. Not that it makes me cringe and bite my nails thinking how to camouflage what I am thinking - cos these are Cherrie's blogs. What you get here is a dice of my mind :)

2.My left and right are very bad - I mean when any one says left I do right and vice versa. Tend to do the same to others too. Imagine going in an auto some place and there being only on left turn and I screaming right right!! Have left many Chennai auto fellows damn perplexed due to this habit of mine :)

3.K says when I drive I look just like my mom - and I love believing that. :)

4.I like it quiet in the mornings. Yes no discussions, no talking, no music nothing. Don't even like bhajans or stuff like that put up in the morning. Just like it quiet (Loved the way Jason Statham says that in a movie - no patience to remember the name of it, I think in The Transporter :( )

5.I psychologically need food once every 4 hours. Even if I ate a horse in the last meal, even if it was just tea with a bun. 4 hours done and I want grub again :)

6.I love the fact that I was a bio student in school. I understand many stuffs, I can hush the non bio kinds in a debate if not logically then with big words at least :D

7.My sister listens to me more than she does to my mom. She kind of looks up to me as an idol which is funny but true. :) And I have known this since a longggggg time :D

8.Maybe being a sickly person with a very low immunity makes me very attuned to the aches and pains of others. And I come first in empathising and taking care of a sick person. Sinusitis since I was some 7 years old made me realise how a good head feels and how a bad head feels. Since I savoured the massages mom gave me so much, I picked the knack and am good at giving massages! But I reserve this treat for the deserving few only.

9.I completely lack any sort of diplomacy. I am what I am - in your face. Many a times, being the typical me, I have vented my "free", "frank" and "open" ;) opinion giving two hoots to the repercussions. Have been embroiled in many domestic tiffs due to this also :( But DNA never changes I guess.

10. Yesterday was our 2nd wedding anniversary and it was beautiful. I know everyone gives the first one the most hype with others fading to anonymity till the silver knocks. But somehow the first one was lost somewhere between work and home chores. And the 2nd ended being so special. I was able to work from home while he took off. Went out for lunch with mil and then lazed around the house. Evening was some work for me and random tv for him. But being with each other itself was a pleasure beyond words. We turned two and it felt hmmm good :)

For me the award goes to:-
Renu and

Go on put the award and put up 10 things about yourself!


Renu said...

first of all blated happy anniversary and wish you many many more and all full of happiness !!!

And thanks for awarding me ! but reading your post made me realise we are like twins,kya kya bataaon, we are very similar in our thoughts.
I have antagonised even many blogger friends also with my frankness, but thats me, could nevr lie or hide the truth.

Reflections said...

LOL...even I have this problem with left & right. When I have to tell the direction I automatically look at my in which hand I eat;-D
And my sister is the same....she is very quiet, doesnt open up much with anybody. But when I sit down with her she automatically starts from the beginning...but the sad part is we rarely get much time together;-(

A tag done very nicely and once again, u sure deserve the award Amrita:-)

Shalom said...

Belated 2nd anniversary wishes to you!!! God bless you'll with many many more! (We turn 2 today, btw :D)

Abhishek Khanna said...

First of all, happy happy anniversary (courier me the cake :D )

I have the same feelings about mornings.. keep them quiet or play some really slow instrumentals like they play in hotels :D

Thanku for the award!

Chitra said...

Left? Right? Oh my Gawd! That's pretty confusing for a spectator !

Ashma said...

Finally the net at home is working.. yipeeeeeeeeeee..
Now abt ur post.. :)hehe.. good one.. agree with most of it.. u do deserve the award for sure.. remember "frank to the point of being R... ":) btw it also reminds of the Orkut lift off someone did from your profile.... :D Hmmm and abt the 5th one.. its surprising.. guess havent had a chance to wait for that long a gap while we were together... ;-)

Jack said...


Before anything BELATED HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. WISH YOU MANY MANY MORE WITH LOTS OF THRILL, JOYS AND WHATEVER YOU TWO DESIRE. Finally read all pending posts. Nice account of your holidays and time with parents & sister. Hope to see you regularly now.

Take care

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