Friday, November 1, 2019

My man II

Its school holidays and K is home. This is a week long break out of which 3 days Chiyaa if off for sports club. K has to drop her and pick her up on time and that’s pretty much job done. Since Pumpki is off to daycare as usual, it is some classic "me time" for K.

But yesterday I threw a curve ball at him. I asked him to cook some pasta for Chiyaa and feed her once she was back. He was aghast! He asked me to keep the water and the salt in a pan and keep the measure of the pasta that needed to go in. I rolled my eyes and did the needful. Around 1300 I got a message inquiring, how long did he need to boil the pasta. I replied, till the pasta was cooked. To which there was the follow up questions “How will I know the pasta is cooked”. I was like seriously? I asked him check by piercing a pasta with a fork and eating it to check if it was done. Unbelievable that this was all for pasta and not for launching a missile.

Today the poor man woke up at 0645 in spite of it being a holiday for him. When I asked him the reason, he said, he hadn't had coffee in 2 days! He has black coffee! It needs a teaspoon of coffee in water boiled in a electric kettle poured into a cup. I add a splash of double cream. It again isn't rocket science. But dear K cannot manage it. The foodie cannot cook to save his life :D


Renu said...

A rarity in today’ s world and hats off to u for managing your job and house well.

Amrita said...

thank you for that! I have help, K is good and so are the kids :)

KParthasarathi said...

Came to your blog through Renu's. It is a hilarious post but I am sure you are indulging in hyperbole!!

Amrita said...

Interpretation is the prerogative of the reader not the writer.