Friday, November 1, 2019

My man II

But yesterday I threw a curve ball at him. I asked him to cook some pasta for Chiyaa and feed her once she was back. He was aghast! He asked me to keep the water and the salt in a pan and keep the measure of the pasta that needed to go in. I rolled my eyes and did the needful. Around 1300 I got a message inquiring, how long did he need to boil the pasta. I replied, till the pasta was cooked. To which there was the follow up questions “How will I know the pasta is cooked”. I was like seriously? I asked him check by piercing a pasta with a fork and eating it to check if it was done. Unbelievable that this was all for pasta and not for launching a missile.

Today the poor man woke up at 0645 in spite of it being a holiday for him. When I asked him the reason, he said, he hadn't had coffee in 2 days! He has black coffee! It needs a teaspoon of coffee in water boiled in a electric kettle poured into a cup. I add a splash of double cream. It again isn't rocket science. But dear K cannot manage it. The foodie cannot cook to save his life :D

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